Wednesday, July 6, 2011



                           The sweetest gift is love
                yet,the deepest pain does it bring
           when dancing in the rain
    turns to fights; tears of the insane

              yet a heart knows no reason
     it bleeds easily against all will
           when promises of devotion
                   turn to lies of intention; freewill

                      freedom of choice is given
              to run;start over again
                        frozen stone
           the legs beneath old loves wings

                     yet a heart once given can not be retrieved
                so in stillness of thought
      tortured it beats

                             welcome love
              like deaths sweet embrace
          the griping clutch
               until darkness overtakes

~R.M. Brandon 2011~

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Road untraveled

Stop and look
tell me what you see
 an empty road
or a choice for you; maybe me
a road untraveled as a song unsung
is a missed opportunity
a life undone
step outside the wheel of monotony
 come explore with me
feel the earth move beneath your feet
dance among the leaves
see as the bird sees ~R.M.2011