Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Disjointed connections
Robust, withering 
Fragmented nomads clashing across distant shores

Tapestry of colors
Melting upon itself
Segregation separation incomplete

Fear loathing
Love misunderstanding
Forgotten wars and lost souls searching for a final resting place

Fight not the multifaceted 
Colors grandure and light
Embrace the source 
fight the needed fight

In peace only
Misunderstanding set aside
Let go of singularity
Abash pride 

Or into oblivion all will fall
Writhing amongst the melting pot 
Wealthy, poor, all
Is the price worth the pride

Must you see a reversal of all
Speak once speak with silence
Let the mask of hate fall
Disjointed connections
When one goes, so will all

Friday, August 15, 2014

Blind Man

If life is a reflection what side of the mirror do we own?
Through the looking glass they say is where the answers always lay.
Yet if the outside is really the inside and the inside is the out then through the looking glass is where you stand when you look about.
Pondering, quandering, the meaning of it all .
What if that mirror should have a little fall?
Take away the view point.
Mix it up a bit.
Shake away solidity, see what really fits.
Your reality is a fallacy. Sane thought just emotion but emotion is empathy hiding behind devotion.
What if there was no fear?
No one left to feel alone because all that separates is dissolved, gone.
Man is not the essence of the skin  which they are in but the skin is what separates man from the win.
Shake up that looking glass, break down the wall, see life as a blind man or accept you see nothing at all.

~from the wind once again~
R.m 2014