Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Let it Go

Tasting the salt of your own tears
understanding the pain you feel is yours,
yours alone
when you invest your heart
where it will never be nourished
the pain of the finality is one sided
deep like a razor blade
that lashes away at the flesh of the wrists
only time will close the wounds
the scars will remain
serving forever as a reminder
never let someone hold you when you need to be held
only when you are strong enough
to simply enjoy it
only then will it be worth the risk
only then will the cuts be closed enough
so as not to spring forth anew.
Let the salt wash away the pain
let time move swiftly.
Let one sided love die
so you can live to feel a love returned.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Wrapped inside the shadow of your mind
In plain thought.
Drinking in your proximity
From the soul
I no longer possess
Your curse
My host.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Questions and Roles

How easily we become accustomed to our roles, routines. We wear them like shiny coats of armor protecting us from anything that might challenge our comfort. When new thoughts or idealizations meander through we quickly reject them as impossible. We build for ourselves a cage of comfort. It is only when we are at our lowest, our weakest that we must choose between holding tightly the armor or casting it off to the wind.
What dreams may come if we go naked into the world? If we let go of the safety rope and put everything we have out there bared. Few ever attempt such a feat. Fewer still dare to live their entirety as such. Why? Because society must have its order. We must label and categorize everything into a neat little rolodex quickly discarding anything that does not fit as insane.
Cookie cutters.
Even the most extreme of us cling to this at some level. Would existing any other way open Pandora's Box? Would stepping into the world bare, no plan, no safety net unravel a human being? How long would it take?
I offer no solutions this time, only questions. Where is the beginning of a dream if we are no more than our own reality?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A writer's Prayer

The characters are dancing through my mind. Swordplay of words from whence I can not escape. They hold captive my imagination as scene by scene their story unfolds. I wait with anticipatory patience as their tale unwinds. What will this ending hold? Who is the villain? Where does this story go? For now I must watch as their tale escapes through keystrokes. I must wait as scene by scene I try humbly to describe. Please let justice be done in this telling. When the end is written let me marvel in amazement at they way in which they have coiled me inside their world. A world for now in which I am a mere guest, an observer, a court reporter trying to do justice to the tension filled court room. Let this be the beginning of a masterpiece. Or at the least, let honor be done to my stay in their world.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Boy and his Turtle

Remarkable is the devotion between a boy and his pet. This little turtle follows this child like a puppy. They sleep together (until a concerned parent gently removes the turtle to the safety of its tank once the child is asleep). They play together, eat  together,explore together, and honestly love each other.

As an individual that feels strongly against animals being kept in cages I had originaly tried to "free" the turtle to wild. Tater was allowed to mark the turtle's shell so he could easily spot him in the yard and the turtle was set free in a safe area not far from the house.The crazy little thing came back and stood at the door waiting for his kid to come out.

He is now part of the family. Definetly not a captive, a guest. How long will he choose to stay with us? I honestly don't know. But for now, I sit in amazement at the daily turtle videos (at 7 Tater is a pretty good camera man), the daily adventures (not sure how they come up with the ideas but there are some doozies), and the nightly turtle relocation. But mostly I sit back and marvel over the devotion between a boy and his turtle.

Random ranting of an unoccupied Mind

Are we all just fish in a sea to which escape equals peril?
To be wise and simple
A contradicition in itself
Wisdom is seldom simple
Simple is seldom wise.
Yet complexity is mind boggling
Slowing down possibility
Thus complexity is wise
But only at distance.
Distance is rarely easy
For long roads traveled lead to fatigue.
Fatigue slows thought
Therefore distance mustn't be wise.
What then is wisdom?

Random Ranting of an unoccupied mind
RM Brandon 2013