Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A writer's Prayer

The characters are dancing through my mind. Swordplay of words from whence I can not escape. They hold captive my imagination as scene by scene their story unfolds. I wait with anticipatory patience as their tale unwinds. What will this ending hold? Who is the villain? Where does this story go? For now I must watch as their tale escapes through keystrokes. I must wait as scene by scene I try humbly to describe. Please let justice be done in this telling. When the end is written let me marvel in amazement at they way in which they have coiled me inside their world. A world for now in which I am a mere guest, an observer, a court reporter trying to do justice to the tension filled court room. Let this be the beginning of a masterpiece. Or at the least, let honor be done to my stay in their world.

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