Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Family Lies

(Work in Progress, pardon grammar,spelling,ect. Polishing comes last)

Family ties. Family lies. If she would have known she would have run.She should have seen it. All the signs were there. But she was too far gone. Lost from the lies of her own. Now looking back its crystal clear. The blood, bone, sinew scattered everywhere. If she would've know all that time ago, what would be different now.
She looks to the crowd of gatherers. Begging in her eyes, not to save herself, that time has long passed bye. She pleads for them to think, think what they would do, if they ever had to walk in the shadow of what she has lived through.
Every family has its lies, the monsters that come out at night, when two fucked up people breed the complications out weigh fore sight.
Almost human the puddled mess of a man on the ground. Maybe more human now than when it walked around. A twisted grin on her face, she turns her hands to the police, deep down craving the cleanliness of white sheets. So long. So long has it been since clean entered into play. Oh wait, there was that week after the first time he went away.
What is this scene? This mess of humans being? Domesticated madness, the end of a fairty tale dream. Let us turn back the pages as the police car drives away. Back. Far back beyond yesterday. When two worlds collided a liar and a thief in the end we will get back to the mess at our feet.
First ponder this question, what life would you take if one was at stake, a life you helped make or a life you promised not to forsake?
Ahhh. See. See life has a way of sneaking up from behind making everything rational vanish with time.
Not so bad for the eyes, but great for the ego. That was her first impression of him.A simple act of kidness, the right words thrown her way.  She had been hurt for so long. The physical pain didn't really bother her anymore. She had gotten used to that. Broken bones heal, bruises cover. But the scar she carried in her chest, the open wound that yearned just once to feel love, that pain never subsided. Years later she would wonder if that hole had been transparent. He was what she needed to feel right.
Everyone deserves that in life. Right? To hear I love You and know how it feels to mean it? He gave her that. Hope. Ultimately he gave her the cruelest gift of all, a wasted hope for better. Why would hope ever be wasted? For the lost, the forgotten, that emptiness becomes companion. When one takes that emptiness away, their compass to the world is scattered. To give hope without true intention is by far the cruelest of fallasies. Yet, love, even misunderstood or faigned, is blind.
She loved him, because she thought for the first time in her life she had found someone who loved her. Of course men had said it before. But that is for the flesh, no one ever dared the heart.
So we have the lost one, a transparent hole, comfortable with flesh that has forgotten how to feel pain anymore. And the hero who dared to play a knight.
The hero was no hero after all. Calcualting,cold, searching for vengance for a sin that she had never been told. Blindly she followed him, placed her heart in his hands.
As the years trickled bye he ripped it to shreds.
What could she have done to deserve this destiny? Love a man without integrity. He wanted nothing more than to be his father's son. A life she wanted to desperately to help him run from. Yet she never stopped to see he wasn't running, she was dragging him as he ran back kicking and screaming.
Deception,lies, secrets, spies. One happy family....

TBC ~RMBrandon 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What do YOU See

Life through my Lens ; random shot I captured playing with lights in the woods. Do you see what I do?

Friday, April 13, 2012


The most beautiful canvas ever painted, is painted new each day. Take the time to appreciate the art of nature. R.M.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Size Only Matters to the Blind

Awhile back I posted a poem dedicated to my kids titled ; More Than Skin. Lately, the subject of superficialism seems to be a recurring thing in my everyday life. Let me explain a bit. When I was a teen I spent some time living on the streets. Something happens to your view of the world when you see it through the eyes of hunger. No matter how many years pass, how many degrees you obtain, how high you climb, you never forget that look.
As a parent I see it in a different way. I am unfortunately a size zero. Yes, I said unfortunate, wait before you judge. My daughter is still growing. She is at that beautifully awkward in between stage where one part of her body is trying to catch up with the other. She flatters me because she wants to be like me. But she doesn't see the world through my eyes.
She thinks being called names goes away once you're thin. She's wrong. The world around us only sees the surface. They look at me and think I'm anorexic, on drugs, superficial. I frequently get comments like;you need to eat more, don't go out in the wind you'll blow away, a fly could land on your ass and kick it.
People don't bother finding out anything about me they judge. They do it to everyone; subconsciously. Try this for an experiment if you don't believe me. Put an army duffle on your back, dress in the rattiest jeans and shredded tee you can find and stand on a corner. Don't beg for money or anything just stand there. I guarantee someone will laugh, someone will turn their head like if they look at you they will instantly become poor, someone will cuss you, and maybe, someone like me will stop and ask your story.
Give a bum a suit and a shave and the world suddenly respects him.
My question is why? Why as humans do we judge the value of a life with anything other than life?
We do. As a society, we do. On paper, we say a heartbeat is valuable but walking through the streets in a daily we only see skin.
Take off your blinders look a person in the eyes and listen to their words before you ever weigh their value. Maybe you will see something spectacular, maybe you will change a life. It will probably be your own.
We are more than the skin we are in. Skinny, fat, in between, straight, curvy. Whatever it is, just a shell that time changes. Why not look beyond it?
For me, if you fail to see beyond what I am wearing any given day, I understand it's your loss. I will not judge you or even dislike you. I fear that your loss may someday affect my kids. Because your actions become your children's actions. I hope mine have learned to look beyond labels, color, size, to see the value life. But I know once they leave me they are surrounded by a world of surface. Please stop the hate. Look deeper. Help change the world for the better. Not for me, for them.
Imagine a world beyond skin.