Thursday, December 27, 2012

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The Green Man's Curse has been nominated for  Predators and Editor's reader poll thriller of the year. Please cast your vote here it's fast and painless. I promise.

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

For a Change

In the wake of tragedy we search for answers. As a society we blame,point fingers, demand change. What change do we demand of ourselves?

It is sad to acknowledge one life can take so many. One person in a moment of selfishness can take upon themselves them destiny of so many innocent victims. Yet, what have we done to stop such calousness?

Picture if you will a table in an otherwise empty room. On this table are the following items. A shotgun,A box of bullets, a hunting knife, a bow, a quiver of arrows, a bottle of medicine (potassium to be exact), and a stack of books, the top book a dictionary.

What is your first thought? What do you see?
When you see a gun what do you think of?

Far more often then not these items are seen as weapons of destruction. Why?

I challenge you to change your thinking. Look at the table again. See a man going into the woods to get dinner for his family. A father and son saying thank you to a God that provided a healthy animal and to the animal for giving its life. See a woman preparing that animal. A family gathered for a healthy meal they obtained from the resources around them.

Knowledge and words can be just as deadly as the bullets and arrows. It is not the object. It is the hands that hold them that determine their intent.

How do we stop hate? How do we protect our loved ones? How do we change a society that has become infested with negativity?

Values, morals, love. Teach our children respect for life. Help the world see the fleeting experience of life uninterupted. The beautiful positive change one person can make in a hundred lives around them. Be kind to everything. Even the smallest of animals. Accept that it is the diversity of culture, ethnicity, and thought that makes our society a super power in the world. Embrace our differences with love and respect. Teach our children to do the same.

Hate breads hate but one act of kindness can touch a hundred lives.

*my thoughts* please feel free to express yours. I will listen.