Twisted Tales

The first song began as a simple poem. When the words soared from the poets mouth  they ascended to the clouds. The sky filled with the emotion of the creator  and burst into a warm shower which cascaded back upon the soil. As the drops danced from flower to fawn they rang out with ghosts of each syllable.Hold your thoughts still as the rain caresses your mind. Dance to the music of the soul.~R.M.~


If you would like to use my musings please acknowledge them as such and let me know.One can never be too mindful of the whereabouts of their brain children.

Upon the floor
The severed head lies
Mouth agape
Eyes frozen wide
In the end
Demise did it watch
As the life from its body
slowly was lost
What sin was commited
What possible crime
To bring about the end of its time
The word be love
The price all to dear
When its heart was turned over
To one without care
The heart it beats still
in its loved ones chest dear
as the life from its body
ends right here

~R.M.Brandon 2011 ~


Dear God it's me again
with yet another why

Why do you send these angels
then clip their wings to die
their beautiful blue eyes that burn so bright
all too soon lose the light

A first kiss the beautiful lips never to know
the feeling of flight when love goes right
is traded for PICC lines and IV's of pain

Why please god
each soul is so sweet
from the tops of the heads all too soon hair does fall
to the tips of their toes to remain forever small

yet the monsters , liars and haters do live
to take, abuse never happiness do they give
why great chess player in the sky do you let the beautiful ones die
Please great one wisdom unknown

reconsider your position
save the children
take the criminals both paid and unpaid
Politicians , murders, the blackened souls that this earth do roam
leave the little ones alone

Let there be love, no more pain should they know
leave the angels
take the wicked home

~RM 2010~


  1. If Today was The last

    Wounded inside by endless lies

    a fragile heart is dying

    with life on the line how does onedecide

    to smile when they feel like crying

    A still small voice on the side demands

    a reason for all of the fighting

    to hold that small hand and help them understand

    the world is about to stop spinning

    In the end of mice and men

    a fruitless effort grinding

    for plagues and promises are to thisday

    a torturous remorse is the pining

    Be quiet the weeping

    for times never coming

    As the angel's time comes nigh

    for when the sky swallows the land

    there will be new beginning and end

    To the survivors a time for renew

    as life's course continues circling

    for in each finish we find a start

    and in each life a dying

    Jan 9 2011

  2. Music of the Sky

    The song it floats on butterfly wings

    amongst the leaves Autumn brings

    it dances across the prairies plains

    as people pass by, insulate, vane

    sweet the sound a love song brings

    kisses, hugs,life's little things

    lost upon deaf ears they sing

    Natures players sigh

    Softly she cries in her robes of white

    silencing herself in the stillness of night

    yet morning dawn her music resides

    Upon the wings sweet birds to flight

    Now we see those wings clipped

    the moon itself slowly does dip

    As mothers heart relief does cry

    deaf ears the souls of mortals nigh

  3. I hope you are submitting your poetry to GSP for publishing, critique & editing - these need to be published for all to share for all of eternity. You have the heart and soul of a GREAT poet. You make my heart sing, grandma too.