Thursday, August 23, 2018


Who chooses?
Is it a God, Gods, society, humanity?
Who decides?
Which woman is cherished and which is used, which human is loved and which is dejected .
Where is the magic mirror that explains beauty?
Where is the secret code that defines the formula for a woman who should be loved ?
Why do we cast people aside? Use them, ignore them, play them , deny them then turn to another and give them everything without the pain.
How can one life be do much better than another.
Why fight,  why try, when love without pain is unattainable?
Why watch the beauty of love being given so purely when the watcher will never feel it first hand?
How much time?
How many years until the outcast surrenders?
How many broken hearts until there is none left to give?
What must it feel like to die as Poe,  penniless , loveless, and out cast?
Who decides which life is priceless?
Why aren't they all?
Why do some girls never have to be picked last while others never are picked at all?
Who decides where love falls?