Monday, October 20, 2014


There is a voice screaming to be heard
are you listening? 
There is a person behind those words,
Are you blind to their value?
What does it take to be heard in this world?
How much money must one have?

Is it an education or associate that opens your ears and 
Extends your hands?

It is the small voice in the mud
The one behind the counter
The one in the alleyway you fear that will run after.
It is the voice of the suffering,the weak
Those who've already given their all that speak. 

Do you listen? 
Do you mock and turn away?
What will it take for you to hear what they say?

Sadly in reality you will remain deaf
Until the day in your weakness 
You scream with what little strength you have left.

Who will be there to listen?
Will it depend on your coins?

Frustrated are those with bound hands that hear
The screams that fall on open hands 
And selfish deaf ears.

~R.M.Brandon 10/20/14