Sunday, September 25, 2011

My heart is not a revolving door
you walked out
there is no love here for you anymore
Advice for your future is all I will give
Woman is fragile
her heart is strong enough to burn
the Gates of hell to save a love
she can cradle a baby with one arm
and sling an axe with other
she is wild yet refined
love her wildly in return
hold nothing back
ride on her wings as she carries you to the son
and then dance in the light as she shines
when you give
you will recieve far more then you could imagine
but make no mistake her love is vengance
when lies are your desire
she will turn you to ash by her hearts fire
love someone without restraint
feel passion,trust
understand they will love you back that much stronger
as for me
my time is done
one too many times you've walked out that door
thinking I'm just going to take it
and constantly give you more
I loved you deeply
beyond the spans of time
I would've walked through hells fire
just to make you smile
No more no more will
I let you take and not give
life's too short to keep wishing to live
today was my last
hope the door smacked you in the ass
There is no love for you here anymore
But love there is
That's for damn sure
©R.M.Brandon 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Revenge Takes Many Forms

whispers your heart sings
the lullaby of a thousand lies
her eyes shimmer in the pale moon light
she captivates me with the
 slightest touc
her song is sweet  like waves upon the sea
her tender touch soflty caresses me
yet in your selfish drive to be man
you dismiss her pressence
for that of a friend
a friend true she is
ethrough each tender kiss
her lips give life that you steal away
what of the truth of you and me
only her heart beats for me
freed from the pain

of loving you in vain
happiness I found
in her sweet arms
I understand why you ran to her now
too bad you forgot to imagine
she would hold me now
off with yourself
fill your empty lies somewhere else
theze hearts are on fire
leaving you wanting with desire
run run away
by yourself you can stay
whose your girl today

Saturday, September 17, 2011

More than Skin

Listen please my precious child
this life if really
but a short while
My hand is out stretched
you can hold it still
I am here to help quiet the fear
What feels so real when you stand with your friends
is only fleeting in the end
Please my little one
take time to see
there is a beautiful world
past you and me
there is a place where the sun shines above white sand
where the ocean dances as it meets the land
where mountains climb and life is grand
Please precious child take time to see
stop ,laugh, love
grow to be stronger then me
you are the hope of the world to come
take time to learn laughter and love
let those around that you can't save fall
its okay if you have to morn them all
in the end this time is only fleeting 
            life is so much bigger then the school you're in today
be strong stand firm
become all that you can
when I turn you out to the world you will finally be a man
please my child wait
you will see
life is so much bigger then you and me
When your standing in that room a loaded gun in someone elses hand
please remember
I want you to become my grown man
Please my daughter look in the mirror and see
you are beautiful inside/ a beauty queen I see
Diets and fads are only temporary things
when you look in the mirror
see the beauty  I see

Stop and look my precious child
this life is really just a short while
In the end the people you thought where your friends
you will most likely rarely see again

live and laugh and love while you can
please little ones
grow to become more then just    skin     ~R.M~

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Emotions Scattered
across the hardwood floor
Times Spent
No love here anymore
What once burnt So bright
Died quickly with time
Is there a fix
For a wounded hearts scars
please take the pain away
bring laughter
back to everyday