Saturday, September 17, 2011

More than Skin

Listen please my precious child
this life if really
but a short while
My hand is out stretched
you can hold it still
I am here to help quiet the fear
What feels so real when you stand with your friends
is only fleeting in the end
Please my little one
take time to see
there is a beautiful world
past you and me
there is a place where the sun shines above white sand
where the ocean dances as it meets the land
where mountains climb and life is grand
Please precious child take time to see
stop ,laugh, love
grow to be stronger then me
you are the hope of the world to come
take time to learn laughter and love
let those around that you can't save fall
its okay if you have to morn them all
in the end this time is only fleeting 
            life is so much bigger then the school you're in today
be strong stand firm
become all that you can
when I turn you out to the world you will finally be a man
please my child wait
you will see
life is so much bigger then you and me
When your standing in that room a loaded gun in someone elses hand
please remember
I want you to become my grown man
Please my daughter look in the mirror and see
you are beautiful inside/ a beauty queen I see
Diets and fads are only temporary things
when you look in the mirror
see the beauty  I see

Stop and look my precious child
this life is really just a short while
In the end the people you thought where your friends
you will most likely rarely see again

live and laugh and love while you can
please little ones
grow to become more then just    skin     ~R.M~

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