Saturday, September 24, 2011

Revenge Takes Many Forms

whispers your heart sings
the lullaby of a thousand lies
her eyes shimmer in the pale moon light
she captivates me with the
 slightest touc
her song is sweet  like waves upon the sea
her tender touch soflty caresses me
yet in your selfish drive to be man
you dismiss her pressence
for that of a friend
a friend true she is
ethrough each tender kiss
her lips give life that you steal away
what of the truth of you and me
only her heart beats for me
freed from the pain

of loving you in vain
happiness I found
in her sweet arms
I understand why you ran to her now
too bad you forgot to imagine
she would hold me now
off with yourself
fill your empty lies somewhere else
theze hearts are on fire
leaving you wanting with desire
run run away
by yourself you can stay
whose your girl today

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