Monday, December 15, 2014

I miss you

I miss you
I miss me too
I miss who I thought you were
I miss the me I was before I found out who you really are

I miss laughter
I miss feeling comfortable
I miss being held and feeling like it's the safest place in the world
I miss who we were before her

Those people are gone
Just a memory that replays like an out of date song
Not the kind of music that makes your soul sing
The kind that gets stuck in your head  making you wish you could forget everything

I'm coming to terms
We were just a season 
At first you were my summer warm on my skin and full of fun covered sun
In the end it is just you and Rain
Kind of ironic how close her name is to pain

The pain of being left
The pain of your lies and the countless times you made me cry
Each drop of your betrayal, the kisses given to her, a tear from my eyes, a tear from the sky

You wanted te rain
Then returned to my sun
Only to find it is now long gone
I miss that me
The me before you
That is what I hear every time you say I miss you

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Lyrics stranger in the flesh

There's a stranger in my skin
Begging screaming for a new life to begin 
But the heart won't die out 

Somewhere along the way
I lost you 
I lost me
Neither of us could stay
But the love won't die out

There's a stranger in my skin
Screaming pleasing 
For the heart to let her in
There's a stranger in my skin
When the heart dies 
Life will begin

What a strange new existence 
Bittersweet in it resistance
Flawless fruitless flehh without limits
But the heart won't let her in

Can you feel it 
Can you hear it
The stranger in my skin
The heart will succumb
After all it let you in

Time an time again your lies
Have birth to the stranger
Sealed the hearts Demise
There's. Stranger in my skin
Watch out shell do you in

She has no heart
No flaws no remorse
There's a stranger in my skin
Welcoming life's new course
Pain is the orgasm your girlfriend released

There's a stranger in my skin
The heart closes it's eyes
No more slow torture
No more believing lies
There's a stranger in these eyes
A heartless shadow man
Waiting for the laugh 
To wash your rain away

No more blue eyes crying
No more waste time
There's a stranger in my skin 
Ready to watch her dying

Monday, December 8, 2014

Rainy days

Rage, hate,adrenaline
Keep the monster at bay
Keep the pain away
Yet it slips slowly through the cracks of smiles
Demanding to be out ,free into the world

Kill it with kindness they say
But no matter what you do it doesn't go away

Time after time it's thrown at n your face
Remember the time
Visit the place

Eat the rich and kill the poor
No more big bad wolf to knock down your door
But wait what is that
Standing quietly in the back
The wolf smiles again

Did you forget for a moment
Did the pain go away
Oh there it is waiting 
Begging you to stay

Go outside and shut the world away
Run, run the great distance
You must find escape

But there at the end
Of the long black road
The wolf is waiting
Notice it's grin in sheeps clothes

Believe it if you want
Don't either way 
The wolf is the hate that will never be kept at bay
Starve it an you'll see

Just when you think your happy
It's just another rainy day
The big bad wolf will never go away

Monday, December 1, 2014

Remember when

There was a time it seems so long ago
I could tell you I love you even though you already knew
I could show the whole world how great you were in my eyes
Back before you ever made me cry
It was second nature to brag about our love to tell everyone I met you must be an angel sent from up above
Before you chose me my life had been so dark so much pain and sorrow I was lost looking for a way out
You showed me love like I never knew existed I felt it in your touch the passion in your kisses
But then the tables turned as so often in my life they do and you became the person I wish I never knew
But I do know you now and I gues I knew you then your love was never real you were really good at pretend
So as I pick up the pieces and carry on anyway you point out the others who show love everyday
The ones who have never been broken who don't know the truth behind the lies the ones who can still believe 
The ones that have yet to cry
Part if me still wishes that kind if love existed but too many others have tasted it too many pieces are missing
If you really wanted that girl who believed you hung the stars 
Maybe you should have kept the tramps out of your car
When you cheapen what love is you end up with what is cheap
So as you scroll down those posts wishing it was me
Remember it once was 
Too bad that was the love you didn't see
Time ticks slowly on
My baby will soon be gone
The question remains the same
When the time comes as soon it will will you even notice when I'm not there
Will you wonder why maybe even cry
Why would you bother now when te excitement is long gone and time after time you found another to hold on 
I think well be okay I understand it must come one day 
But I will always remember when you were my everything
Too bad it couldn't happen again