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Monday, December 15, 2014

I miss you

I miss you
I miss me too
I miss who I thought you were
I miss the me I was before I found out who you really are

I miss laughter
I miss feeling comfortable
I miss being held and feeling like it's the safest place in the world
I miss who we were before her

Those people are gone
Just a memory that replays like an out of date song
Not the kind of music that makes your soul sing
The kind that gets stuck in your head  making you wish you could forget everything

I'm coming to terms
We were just a season 
At first you were my summer warm on my skin and full of fun covered sun
In the end it is just you and Rain
Kind of ironic how close her name is to pain

The pain of being left
The pain of your lies and the countless times you made me cry
Each drop of your betrayal, the kisses given to her, a tear from my eyes, a tear from the sky

You wanted te rain
Then returned to my sun
Only to find it is now long gone
I miss that me
The me before you
That is what I hear every time you say I miss you

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