Monday, December 1, 2014

Remember when

There was a time it seems so long ago
I could tell you I love you even though you already knew
I could show the whole world how great you were in my eyes
Back before you ever made me cry
It was second nature to brag about our love to tell everyone I met you must be an angel sent from up above
Before you chose me my life had been so dark so much pain and sorrow I was lost looking for a way out
You showed me love like I never knew existed I felt it in your touch the passion in your kisses
But then the tables turned as so often in my life they do and you became the person I wish I never knew
But I do know you now and I gues I knew you then your love was never real you were really good at pretend
So as I pick up the pieces and carry on anyway you point out the others who show love everyday
The ones who have never been broken who don't know the truth behind the lies the ones who can still believe 
The ones that have yet to cry
Part if me still wishes that kind if love existed but too many others have tasted it too many pieces are missing
If you really wanted that girl who believed you hung the stars 
Maybe you should have kept the tramps out of your car
When you cheapen what love is you end up with what is cheap
So as you scroll down those posts wishing it was me
Remember it once was 
Too bad that was the love you didn't see
Time ticks slowly on
My baby will soon be gone
The question remains the same
When the time comes as soon it will will you even notice when I'm not there
Will you wonder why maybe even cry
Why would you bother now when te excitement is long gone and time after time you found another to hold on 
I think well be okay I understand it must come one day 
But I will always remember when you were my everything
Too bad it couldn't happen again

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