Sunday, November 9, 2014


I believed in you
But your love was just a mirage
Calling out like a light tower
To a ship lost in the dense fog

But your illusion slowly faded
As the mask you wear slipped away
Leaving me breathless , alone
Begging for the pain to go away

Your love is an illusion
Your facade slowly crumbles
Nothing but a hungry wolf 
Searching for a meal
Your love is the illusion 
That slowly kills

Your kiss is the venom
That brings each victim to her knees
Your words a sirens song
Lies empty tease

Your love was an illusion
The pain begins to fade 
Realizing letting go
I gained freedom in the trade

Onto the next
Girl after girl you wreck
Your empty shell of lies
Your thin veiled disguise

Your love was an illusion
The train at the end of the tunnel
Now your gone onto another
As I pick up the pieces I can't help
But wonder
How long will it be before you find
Your heart in the hands of an illusionist
It's only a matter of time.

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