Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Davey Jones Locker

Beneath this twisted flesh
emotional wreck
beauty lingers waiting
for one to see without eyes
to feel what words can not speak
to hear the music that has no written melody

Beneath the scars
the too many times broken heart
a flame dwindles remembering
the long lost spark of its creation

Will ever the flesh know
the love promised long ago
will ever this heart rejoice to the return
the melody that lit the fires burn

Like a ballerina hidden in a music chest
it waits patiently
for one who cares enough
to look inside
to what s hidden beneath the flesh.

 (c) R.M. Brandon 2013

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


It's ok to let go it frees your hands to hold onto something better.
It's ok to cry. Letting the pain out of your body makes room for more love.
It's okay to laugh. Laughter releases the creavtivity trapped beneath the daily routine. Find a reason.
It's ok to be flawed. Imperfections exist so that we may grow into something better.
It's ok to demand respect and walk away from anyone that you have to ask for it from. Every person, every life is priceless. Some pieces just don't fit together.
It's ok to fail. Fail a million times if you have to just never stop trying.
It's ok to believe. Magic happens, miracles exist, you don't have to understand to for it to be real.
Today maybe trying but get up and try on. Life is a dance once the music stops playing there will be plenty of time to watch the highlights until then bust your best moves.
Never let the world make you deaf, dance to your own beat. Even if they laugh, it's ok.
(C) R.M.Brandon2013