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Friday, February 28, 2014

Heart Roulette

Deep down what do we all yern for?
What longing is it that pushes us
Through the darkness of lifes storms?
Deep down each of us wants one person to love us more than anyone or anything in this world.
We want to be the light in someones eye.
The smile crawling across their lips with just a thought of our name.
But love like that is rare,fleeting,precious.
Accepting an ending is simply accepting a new begining.
If fear of the unknown paralyzes us into stagnation we may never know.
Take the chance and end up alone or settle in comfort and emtpiness haunted forever by the ghost of betrayals.
Failure,like success, is not forever.
Gamble with your heart or welcome the warm blanket of emptiness.
When survival becomes emotional roulett spin the wheel and pray.
If your one of the lucky ones you'll find love one day.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Demons always there
Always haunting
Tugging in the furthest recess
As the tears fall
Never amount to anything

These are the demons reminding
No one will ever love you
No one ever has
Your own parents hated you
Before your first breath

Two marriages
Twice cheated on
You never even learned
How to love someone else
So they wouldn't let go

You're alone in this world
Always will be
Just the demons
Talking to me

Go ahead try it again
Maybe this time you'll get it right
And end
The grand finale
Don't forget 3xs before
God and the devil
Didn't want you either

Alive or dead
Its all the same
No one cares
Above ground
Or in the grave

Take a deep breath
Let the world spin by
Listen to the demons
Let yourself cry

Your life is a grand mistake
But its still your chance to take

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Life in exchange
Flowing like a river
Ebb and flow
Give and take
The transference of energy in each state.

With give pieces are lost
Filled only by chance
What give you
What gain you

Can you fill your soul
With the trinkets you take
Do you give your heart
To one who does more than take

Navigate carefully
The river is still wild

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

In stillness

Believe screams hope
Remember whispers pain
Listen utters soul
Speak demands ego.

Let go of the things that unravel
The hearts strings.
Listen only to the sweet song
The one that promises strength
If only you carry on.

Whisper into stillness
Trust in the greater path
Happiness will be lost
If given to vengence for the past.

The difference between vengeance and wrath is simple
One casts oblivion
The other blocks it out.

The word of one with honor
Never to be dismissed
Betrayal can be as simple as a kiss.

Closed eyes believe their own lies
Open believe in the perfect time.
Limitless are the life span
Of love, hate, and amends.
When least expected it comes
To an end.

Monday, February 10, 2014

A thousand deaths

Would you envoke the anger of angel and expect mercy?
Would you give hate and expect love?
Have you no concept of wrath?
As it harms none do as you wish.
Meddle in the affairs of greatness, covet that which you do not have, betray that which you do not understand, you open pandoras box.
A thousand years, ten thousand angers fall upon your head
For pain which you cause you will never shed.
She will haunt your dreams
Steal your hopes
Offer one small kindness only to see you fall.
Harm none is a lesson you will never forget.
You will bleed it from your very soul until only death will show mercy upon your blackened being.
Enter now the labrynth of eternity for which you have claimed.
A home and child you wished.
You shall have it, have it all and more and it will be the thorn in your side.
Scorned by society as if the A was enblazened upon your flesh.
Wrot in the skin with which you harm.
Burn in a  thousand fires , let the light if your soul dwindle for your fire is now mine.
Claimed, consumed, flesh for flesh, lie for lie, you tried to harm that which you didn't know now you feel the death of your soul.

Tattered strings

Third eye wide open
Glaring is the light unfolding
The demons pull
Wrenching apart the strings
A ragdoll caught by the seams
Darkeness pulling against the light
The struggling against these chains
Bucking into oblivion
Praying to all the gods
Musnt surrender
Mustnt give into the hate
So much pain inside
Crying for revenge
Praying instead to be merciful
Musnt fall
Not again
There will be no return if darkness wins
There will be only bodies
Destruction will ovecome
Winding tight the tattered seams
Screaming into the light
Dont let me fall
Give me the strength of Thor
With mercy of saint christopher
Save me from these demons that scream
No more to act as the flesh
Higher purpose claim for all time
Fight against the sins of mankind

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Promise me

Promise me a paper moon
A white wedding in the month of June
Promise me a faithful ride
Butterflies and a blushing bride
Promise me a paper moon

Laugh as the candle burns
Laugh as the season turns
Paper moon hang high up above
An empty lackluster love

Promise diamonds
Deliver coal
I promise to never leave you alone

Promise me promise me promise me a paper moon

Silently one night filled day
Your paper moon
Blew away.

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Memories like ghosts
Haunting every moment
Every move
Days, seasons, years
Swept away at a blink
Looking back
Turn forward
Just another ghost haunting me
Flashes of scents
Fragments slicing glass beneath the minds eye
Alone in haunting
Times, faces
Just another yesterday
Why must there always be
Ghosts chasing me