Saturday, February 22, 2014


Demons always there
Always haunting
Tugging in the furthest recess
As the tears fall
Never amount to anything

These are the demons reminding
No one will ever love you
No one ever has
Your own parents hated you
Before your first breath

Two marriages
Twice cheated on
You never even learned
How to love someone else
So they wouldn't let go

You're alone in this world
Always will be
Just the demons
Talking to me

Go ahead try it again
Maybe this time you'll get it right
And end
The grand finale
Don't forget 3xs before
God and the devil
Didn't want you either

Alive or dead
Its all the same
No one cares
Above ground
Or in the grave

Take a deep breath
Let the world spin by
Listen to the demons
Let yourself cry

Your life is a grand mistake
But its still your chance to take

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