Monday, February 10, 2014

Tattered strings

Third eye wide open
Glaring is the light unfolding
The demons pull
Wrenching apart the strings
A ragdoll caught by the seams
Darkeness pulling against the light
The struggling against these chains
Bucking into oblivion
Praying to all the gods
Musnt surrender
Mustnt give into the hate
So much pain inside
Crying for revenge
Praying instead to be merciful
Musnt fall
Not again
There will be no return if darkness wins
There will be only bodies
Destruction will ovecome
Winding tight the tattered seams
Screaming into the light
Dont let me fall
Give me the strength of Thor
With mercy of saint christopher
Save me from these demons that scream
No more to act as the flesh
Higher purpose claim for all time
Fight against the sins of mankind

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