Friday, February 28, 2014

Heart Roulette

Deep down what do we all yern for?
What longing is it that pushes us
Through the darkness of lifes storms?
Deep down each of us wants one person to love us more than anyone or anything in this world.
We want to be the light in someones eye.
The smile crawling across their lips with just a thought of our name.
But love like that is rare,fleeting,precious.
Accepting an ending is simply accepting a new begining.
If fear of the unknown paralyzes us into stagnation we may never know.
Take the chance and end up alone or settle in comfort and emtpiness haunted forever by the ghost of betrayals.
Failure,like success, is not forever.
Gamble with your heart or welcome the warm blanket of emptiness.
When survival becomes emotional roulett spin the wheel and pray.
If your one of the lucky ones you'll find love one day.

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