Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011 Hello Possibility

Wow! 2011 is finally over! It has been one hellzzzz of a year for this writer. Personal, professional, endless changes. While a few of the memories I will carry of this year are good, the majority are just learning experiences. Not complaining. If not for the tears I've shed, I wouldn't understand the how special a smile is. If not for hunger, I wouldn't be able to savor the succulent taste of steak. In short 2011 has taught me to cherish the bad moments as well as the good because without the bitter there would be no sweet. Well that's about enough of that. Short and sweet , I have learned alot.

Most recently, I was honored by the presence of a very beautiful elderly couple.  How many people in this crazy world take the time to stop and listen to the experiences of the elderly? How many just stop and watch? Beneath their warn and wrinkled skin, the tattered remnants of youth have blossomed into a deep, quiet wisdom. In retrospect what I saw with this one couple isn't as rare as I originally thought. He looks at her. eyes filled with awe and concern. A warm tenderness beneath the rough exterior of age. Although his body has become racked by disease, he notices less his own needs as he caters to hers.

She looks up to him, her legs withered in the chair by which she is carried. Eyes filled with adoration and awe. A gentle worry creases her wrinkled brow when his step falters towards her. The glint of pain flashes briefly in face then dwindles when his gaze meets hers. It has been years since she spoke more then two words to him. Time, disease, stole her voice. Yet the speak to each other. Subtle looks, tender gestures. On inquiry I learned they had met during the Second World War. A time when life was far darker then my generation could possibly imagine. Out of that dark time, how many of these precious couples were formed? The men who hold doors, confident and strong even under the duress of age. The women, graceful, confident, silently reassuring, with a strength to match that of the men. Together they have withstood war, famine, distance, loss. Yet, they stood together. Complementing the weakness of the other with strength.

These couples are hidden everywhere. Sit back and watch. In the mall, the man sitting on the bench waiting with a smile on his lips. Ask him why he's smiling. In the grocery store parking lot, the car blocking two lanes of traffic while the little white haired lady slowly makes her way to the door. Behind the wheel, there is a quietly smiling man who will have to walk far longer then his feet would like. In a hospital room behind a drawn curtain. They are everywhere, yet as you look at the younger couples something is missing. Maybe its time. Maybe its experience.

As the New Year turns, I will be looking for them more. Why? Because they are real. Beyond time, skin, strife, and struggle, they are true. That is what I strive for this year and every year to come. To always look beyond the surface and stay true to things in life that last beyond. Happy New Year to you all. I'll see you on the other side of the countdown.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Flip The Scene

Flip the Scene

Severed heads stare blankly on the floor
Blood splattered ceiling to door
What was the cause
The beginning of this carnage
The greatest killer of all
For love of money
Love of land
Love of what is in another's hand
Every day it runs rampant a curse upon the land
As by and by
Everyone falls to loves hand

Will it be bloody
Or peacefully brought
That is the challenge when love has you caught
Run from the word
The lies
Severed heads roll across the floor
Flip the world
Take a look once more

Lovers smile
Across the room
A mistress
The stunning bridegroom
Tender embraces
Stolen kisses
A story of passion behind closed doors
Friends no more

Severed heads roll across the floor
Flip the scene look once more

Broken hearts
Promises torn
Into the fire
Cast loves first born
When friends became lovers
Never seeing what it was doing to another
Selfish is the love
Love upon this land
consuming burning
When the flames
Upon the floor
The severed heads
Stare at the opened door
Love moves on 
(c) 2011 R.M. Brandon

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Captivated by Nature

What inspires me to write? The wind, rain, people,laughter, emotion and above all music. But it is in such things that I find beautiful distraction when I should be working on edits. Yeah I am very human. One of my favorite distractions is youtube. You really can find anything on there. I stumbled across this video and had to share my latest distraction. Enjoy! By the way it is not my video (obviously) As much as I would love to work for the BBC I don't so I'm just sharing. Here is the straight link just in case See ya on the other side.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Candy Man

Candy Man

She left a quarter
each time you gave her something sweet
walking through the door
it shined beneath my feet

two under each couch cushion
the living room rug
The bedroom
floor to bed
a trail that should have brought pain

a smile sparked from lips to eyes
you gave her candy
she gave you a quarter
childish games

Candy man
Do it again
your lover
lit the flame
deep within my soul

It is so much easier
 to walk back out that door
A quarter at a time
wisdom was earned
a fighter grew
strength of a warrior who knew

Candy man
and the quarter queen
you may live happily ever after
My regrets none
Candy man
turn your princess child
into your working queen
I am gone

(c)~Rm Brandon 2011~

Monday, November 14, 2011

Last Night

Thunder shook torrential rain from the charcoal sky.
Entwining his thick fingers in her auburn curls he devoured her ruby lips. "I've missed you so much. Your lips are like heaven on my tongue. We don't have much time."
The flames of lust flickered briefly in her aqua eyes. "When will I get you to myself? Just one night to wake up in your arms. Is that so much to ask?"
Her dove white cheek folded in his masculine hand. Pressing his lips gently to the nape of her neck he whispered, " You have my heart. My thoughts are always with you. My dreams are filled with the gentle curve of your back, the sweet smell right here."
Leaving a glistening trail that seared through her flesh , his tongue wandered down the curve of her slender neck. The buttons of her satin blouse surrender at his touch. Gently he licked the lines of her bodice. Lace brazier vanished exposing the flush of her longing. Teasing her breast with the heat oh his breath his hands slid into her jeans. Fingers caressed the wet between her legs. With a moan her head fell back. A smile spread from his lips to his teal eyes. "That's my baby right there."  Moans of ecstasy filled the room. Outside the second story office sirens blared. Red and blue lights split through the window casting an eerie hue on their glistening bared flesh. His body shivered. His face buried in her thick curls, "If only we had met each other first." Wrapping her arms tightly around his waist, her fingers trailed down his spine, "We will always have these stolen moments. I would give anything to trade her lives. She doesn't appreciate what she has."
Lifting himself off of her with a long passionate kiss he whispered, "You have far more than she ever will. You have my heart. She has only a ring and a memory." Gathering her clothes from the floor she smiled lovingly, "For now that is enough. But one of these days I want a night too."Slipping his shoes casually on, he replied, " I would much rather have a night of you. But not tonight I have to get going the kid has some kind of thing I have to smile and pretend to listen to. I'll call you when they've gone to sleep." She looked to the door as he slipped casually through. Guilt, dread and loneliness crept into her chest. The in dash clock flashed 6:45 pm. "Oh man I'm so late." Through the windshield emergency lights flashed next to rolled vehicle. The shiny underside of a flattened car and blown tires left no indication of the vehicles make. "Fucking idiots, every time it's rains." He jerked the wheel down a side road to avoid the growing line of traffic.Pulling into the driveway his mind replayed their tryst. Hand on the door handle he uttered, "I'll see you in my dreams." With a sly smile across his lips he clutched a bouquet of flowers from the truck seat  and dashed through the front door of their two story home. Expecting to hear his wife berate him for making them late, he readied an excuse. Silence. Flicking on the foyer lights he called out. Silence. Turning he scanned the drive. Her car was gone. "Oh shit." he mumbled. His cell phone. The thin black device flipped open revealing 2 missed call, 2 voice mails.His wife's number. "Dumb-ass, the volume is still down." Dialing send he listened with a growing lump in his throat to the voice mails. "Hey I completely forgot to pick up the father, daughter corsages for tonight's banquet.Running up to the florist real quick, I'll be right back. Haven't had a chance to talk to you yet and this isn't really how I wanted to tell you but I have some huge news. Can't wait to see you. I love you more every day." Rolling his eyes he turned back into the house. " Scatter brain. Well at least I have time for a shower now. Being late is now her fault."Glancing at the clock again his voice mail rolled to the next message. "I don't think I'm going to make it. There has been an accident. I'm sorry I wanted to be there. Please remember I will always love you." Ragged breathing replaced the words she tried to say. After a long pause of silence the voice of a man filled the line, "I have a DOA in this car, but it's going to take the jaws to extricate. " The call ended. He crested the top of a long flight of stairs that turned into their bedroom. "What the ....." Flipping on the light switch, tears welled in his. She had covered the bed with rose petals. In the center of the petals stood a candle, a blue envelope proped against its base with his name carefully written on the outside. Hands shaking he opened it and read, "To the love of my life, 12 years ago today we made a promise to eachother to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health til the good lord calls us away. It hasn't always been easy, but I have learned from watching you. I have nursed you when you were sick, explored with you in health. We have weathered debt and excelled in wealth. Every night when I close my eyes you are the last person I see. Each morning when I wake it is your smile that greets me. The smile that lights your face in the morning light reminds makes me love you more everyday. Even though it's hard to imagine loving you more than I do today, I remember how much I loved you when we said I do. I never would've believed how much that love would grow. Thank you for every night, every morning and the endless mornings to come
All my heart
Your wife

Ps we are going to have another baby! Notice the color of the envelope, we finally get our little boy."

Sobbing deeply he startled at the ring of the doorbell. The card still clutched tightly in his hand, he slowly crept to the door. A somber faced man stood on the side. The officers eyes spoke volumes, "Sir, there has been an accident."
Memories flooded his mind. Charcoal clouds filled his eyes, the color drained from his face. The sky unleashed the tears of angels. His words drifted into the wind,
"It was our anniversary....."

(c) R.M. Brandon 11/14/2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

"The night was hot. The night was humid. The night was.....Sultry. That's it kill her." Yep, one of my favorite movie lines. From Throw Momma Off the Train, it definitely describes my mind set right now. Why? Because I am searching for better. The final push of edits before I turn my manuscript back over to my publisher and say this is my best. Writing The Green Man's Curse in and of itself wasn't that hard. There was the challenge of sleepless nights pounding my thoughts into the keyboard. Groggy, long shifts of work running off caffeine and nicotine. Juggling life while trying to ebb the pictures out of my mind. So, almost a year after my novel found a home, I am finally learning why writers say the art of writing. It's not about saying it, it is saying it so well the words live inside the reader. That is what makes the art of writing challenging. Yeah I am stalling. The thesaurus has become my best friend, followed closely by google, and trailed by the minds of anyone within ear shot of my pleadings for another word for... The problem is, there is this amazing movie playing in my mind when I peck away at the manuscript, but finding that "perfect" word so what I feel is what the reader will feel, is just not that easy. If you have any amazing word suggestions out there, throw them my way! Heh I wonder if there is a writer somewhere holding up a sign that says "Will work for words". Yep I have an odd mind. Well, I guess I have to stop stalling and dive back in. Here are some new words I have stumbled across in my googling enjoy and share back.

bĂȘte noire : That particular dreaded or detested or feared person (literally, "black beast") to be at all costs avoided, to whom one is perversely averse. An old rival? An aggravating pest? An ex-husband? Whichever, your bugbear and pet hate as a human or subhuman being.

 philargyist : One who loves money, or who is nummamorous or lucrepitous. Estimates vary, but there is general agreement that the portion of our planet not covered by water or ice is covered largely by philargyists. Philargyists are otherwise known as mammonists, chrematists, philoplutaries, aphnologists and plutolators. The money lover who is driven by a fear of poverty is a peniaphobe.

  • scobberlotch: to loaf around, doing nothing in particular
  • dudder: to deafen with noise
  •  bosky adj. having an abundance of trees or shrubs / relating to woods

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mail Order Babies?

Well, I decided on a bit of a research break so I figured I would share a tid of what is twirling through my head. Book two of the Witan Vid series :Plagues and Promises delves into the realm of genetics. The implications of in vitro fertilization, genetic selection, and human cloning can be debated from all sides. This is not a debate, simply an evaluation of the overwhelming technological jump our society has taken in as little as the last twenty years. 

     Recently I ran across a statistic that implied as many as 80% of women in today's society no longer see marriage as a necessary institution. With the divorce rate averaging 50% custody battles, visitation, child support. All of the experiences that make women cringe at the thought of I DO. What if we had the ability to eliminate half of those conflicts? According to the Center for Genetics and society at genetic selection is already being used to create "savior siblings". What if we could separate the human DNA chain enough to build completely perfect children free from disease ? How many women would be willing to create a life from their egg and a genetically engineered sperm created from an essential catalog of features built from multiple donors?

No custody battles. No child support. Just a life. As a society we already have the technology. We also have 14 year old girls being impregnated. Relationships become complicated, children get stuck in the middle. So I suppose the question I pose to you or maybe just to myself is should creation be regulated? With the world population surpassing 8 billion, is it time to say who, when, and how children are brought in this world? Who would decide? 

Regardless of where you stand on the ethical implications of playing with genetics, you have to concede tp the point if we can save a life, we should. But how far is too far?  If you don't know what in vitro entails you can find the details here  Having held the hand of people from all walks of life, I find  perfect is the lack of ordinary, sometimes the presence of simplicity, and occasionally, just simplicity. If I had to choose the perfect traits of an individual from a catalog they wouldn't be in there. Perfection isn't found in an IQ, hair color, eye color, skin color. That might be aesthetic beauty, but perfect is a motion, an emotion, compassion, sympathy, the spark that is carried in the purest of souls, the light that makes this cold world worth living in. Net worth has nothing to do with bank account numbers. Well that is what is wandering through my head at the moment.
What are your thoughts?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Baby of Mine

Baby of mine look at the time. How quickly it has passed. Not a baby anymore you're feet thunder across the floor. The time for cradling slipped away now I watch your imagination at play. Such beautiful eyes the innocence of each sunrise as you strap a pack upon your back.
So much more I wish I could give then this hurried half a life we live. The stars dance when I tuck you to bed still I pause counting each hair upon your resting head. The future is yours. The world your playground, I thank the masters for letting me have you around. Even as the time sifts swiftly past, I pause to reflect. Are you really the last? Just a minute ago I brought you home tiny, your brother was your size.

 Oh my heart aches at how time flies. Yet still I smile because the master let me hold you awhile. So watch you grow I will.
  Hoping you will always remember kindness of heart. This world can get cold as you grow old. Hold tight to the light in your young heart. Guard it or the world will tear it apart.
 Embrace that light and let it shine knowing that your heart beat was sparked by mine.

 Thank you sweet son for choosing me to be your Mommy. Forever and always you are my pride. My sweet little baby the last of my tribe.~(c) R.M. 2011~

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One of those days

 pic from  
                                      One of those days you just want to say BRING IT BABY!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dance in the Fire

Blood boils as the fire consumes
let the flames spread
burn through
Rain may fall
only fire can cleanse
the sins
of daily deeds
let the flames lick away
all the pain
carried on the wings 

silver tongued lies
hopeless dreams

swim in the heat
bathe in the glory
sparked by the rage
of true love 
thrown away
dance in the fire 
untamed by even the sea
fury of grace
as the rain plays
only the lashing will

seared by the soul
only heat can turn the coal
keep your diamonds
you can play in the rain
I will dance with flames
~R.M.Brandon 2011 (c)~

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Guide

                                Burnt sienna wings  
                        flash across the auburn sky
                  with the dawn she takes to flight
                  Through keen eyes she watches
                                as footsteps fall
                               guiding with her
                                high shrill call

Comfort to the ears
her sweet song sings
promises of a better land
the pursuit of dreams

                           Oh to ride upon
                          her sienna wings
                        the morning sun
                         her glory brings 
             as fire from her wings does shine

To see through her eyes
as lands fall and rise
to taste the call from her golden lips
as the winds caress its razor tip

                The heart must head her call
                    feet move swiftly
                  obey with each foot fall

The sun is her glory
the hawk
my eyes
ever upward
into the sunrise
where upon her wings
dreams have life

                           away from the darkness
                               of loves
~R.M. 2011~

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mother's Song

hung in the sky as clouds awaiting
 the birds of flight
sparkling below
amongst the blue waves
softly caressing her shore

of her song
with each sun beam
dancing upon the velvet
dew kissed grass

her lullaby softly
sweetly just below the ears
where only the quiet soul may hear

to the all seeing eye
the heart of the soul
that speaks to those who have come long before

In dreams shes whispers, eyes heavy with sleep , ears stilled to the rumbling of the mind. Mother of all, the beauty of her presence encases the blind. Her song is mesmerizing , yet unheard. She is life, above all she is love. Dance to the whispers of the mother's soul, sing as her melody lights the sun.~R.M. 10/2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My heart is not a revolving door
you walked out
there is no love here for you anymore
Advice for your future is all I will give
Woman is fragile
her heart is strong enough to burn
the Gates of hell to save a love
she can cradle a baby with one arm
and sling an axe with other
she is wild yet refined
love her wildly in return
hold nothing back
ride on her wings as she carries you to the son
and then dance in the light as she shines
when you give
you will recieve far more then you could imagine
but make no mistake her love is vengance
when lies are your desire
she will turn you to ash by her hearts fire
love someone without restraint
feel passion,trust
understand they will love you back that much stronger
as for me
my time is done
one too many times you've walked out that door
thinking I'm just going to take it
and constantly give you more
I loved you deeply
beyond the spans of time
I would've walked through hells fire
just to make you smile
No more no more will
I let you take and not give
life's too short to keep wishing to live
today was my last
hope the door smacked you in the ass
There is no love for you here anymore
But love there is
That's for damn sure
©R.M.Brandon 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Revenge Takes Many Forms

whispers your heart sings
the lullaby of a thousand lies
her eyes shimmer in the pale moon light
she captivates me with the
 slightest touc
her song is sweet  like waves upon the sea
her tender touch soflty caresses me
yet in your selfish drive to be man
you dismiss her pressence
for that of a friend
a friend true she is
ethrough each tender kiss
her lips give life that you steal away
what of the truth of you and me
only her heart beats for me
freed from the pain

of loving you in vain
happiness I found
in her sweet arms
I understand why you ran to her now
too bad you forgot to imagine
she would hold me now
off with yourself
fill your empty lies somewhere else
theze hearts are on fire
leaving you wanting with desire
run run away
by yourself you can stay
whose your girl today

Saturday, September 17, 2011

More than Skin

Listen please my precious child
this life if really
but a short while
My hand is out stretched
you can hold it still
I am here to help quiet the fear
What feels so real when you stand with your friends
is only fleeting in the end
Please my little one
take time to see
there is a beautiful world
past you and me
there is a place where the sun shines above white sand
where the ocean dances as it meets the land
where mountains climb and life is grand
Please precious child take time to see
stop ,laugh, love
grow to be stronger then me
you are the hope of the world to come
take time to learn laughter and love
let those around that you can't save fall
its okay if you have to morn them all
in the end this time is only fleeting 
            life is so much bigger then the school you're in today
be strong stand firm
become all that you can
when I turn you out to the world you will finally be a man
please my child wait
you will see
life is so much bigger then you and me
When your standing in that room a loaded gun in someone elses hand
please remember
I want you to become my grown man
Please my daughter look in the mirror and see
you are beautiful inside/ a beauty queen I see
Diets and fads are only temporary things
when you look in the mirror
see the beauty  I see

Stop and look my precious child
this life is really just a short while
In the end the people you thought where your friends
you will most likely rarely see again

live and laugh and love while you can
please little ones
grow to become more then just    skin     ~R.M~

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Emotions Scattered
across the hardwood floor
Times Spent
No love here anymore
What once burnt So bright
Died quickly with time
Is there a fix
For a wounded hearts scars
please take the pain away
bring laughter
back to everyday


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Humanity's Pain

Once upon a time
there was a girl
young/love blind
upon her back a light pack
through innocent eyes
the world fell apart
the curse that is humanity
shattered her fragile heart

hate/ rage
materialism is the worlds cage
wings beg to soar
far above the eye
where water kisses the shore
above the sacred groves
to the lands of old

when magic was real
was something allowed to feel
restraint/ unimagined
somewhere deep inside
a shell of lies
that pure heart resides
begging the rain to go away
taking with it
humanity's pain
the memory of yesterday

RM Brandon~8/30/11 2011~

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Natures Lullaby

Listen with your soul
can you hear her sweet song
dance upon her back
as the waves carry it along
The beauty of its melody
in each birds feather shines
as the clouds above change
Fair to stormy weather
She is the maiden
hair of golden hue
the silk of each corn stalk
farmers tend loving for you
she is the mother
the bearer of all life
through her seasons gives
darkness and light
she is the crone
wisdom true
as knowingly she watches
she sees the real you
Soft is the tune
as summer she sings
life anew she hastens
joyously through spring
Autumn in its wonder
slow blues do play
As winter hastens
a lullaby to stay
sleep now sound
in natures tender arms
listen as she sings
         the soul of all she brings  ~R.M~2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dance Of the Sea

Soft caresses upon the sandy floor
she gives, gives
then takes back more
beneath the serenity lies
danger, wonder, mystery divine
wet and fierce she pounds
unaware upon the shore
orphans she leaves
with shock they feel her presence flee
As swiftly she does recede
Only the minute
does she give to the sand
swiftly reclaiming them
with her mighty hand
the shore patiently waits
longing her embrace
yet the great moon above
is her true mate
Dance upon her back
As her lovers she plays
caution in mind
she will sing to your heart
course through your veins
the mighty ocean
is no mans to tame


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Can't be Gone

The time is steadily sifting away. The time to run, the time to play. With the responsibility of adulthood looming around the corner a meek window of opportunity remains. So here I sit with the atlas once again in hand.So much land, so little time. Yet, I reflect upon the things already learned from this all too brief summer vacation. What could possibly change in one life over the course of mere months? EONS!!!Life in and of itself is not a difficult concept to master. You breath in air, you take in food, ect. you live. But the process of true living, when each breath counts, can be exhausting and highly educational. The lessons from this brief reprieve follow. They leave the question have I truly learned the meaning of life? I think not...well at least not yet:)

Summer of 11
 Only by getting rid of the excess can we see what is really valuable.
There are far more people in the world willing to pretend to care then those who truly do.
A real friend doesn't just help you up when you've fallen, they are willing to sit next to you until you are able to stand on your own.
It doesn't matter what anyone else sees when they look at me. What is important is if I can look at myself.
 The edge of the world is everywhere, from the tip of the ocean, to the first row of corn, the creator's beauty reflects in everything.
If you ever wonder was the world is thinking look at the sky. The clouds are the windows to the world's soul.
When  I get lost in what I don't have it's time to take off my shoes and walk barefoot in the grass.
When all else fails and the world once again feels cold, stop, breath, and remember I've only been given a blink to live a thousand lives, why waste precious time with pity parties.

                                 And now the world through my lens (well parts of it:)~

Wednesday, July 6, 2011



                           The sweetest gift is love
                yet,the deepest pain does it bring
           when dancing in the rain
    turns to fights; tears of the insane

              yet a heart knows no reason
     it bleeds easily against all will
           when promises of devotion
                   turn to lies of intention; freewill

                      freedom of choice is given
              to run;start over again
                        frozen stone
           the legs beneath old loves wings

                     yet a heart once given can not be retrieved
                so in stillness of thought
      tortured it beats

                             welcome love
              like deaths sweet embrace
          the griping clutch
               until darkness overtakes

~R.M. Brandon 2011~

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Road untraveled

Stop and look
tell me what you see
 an empty road
or a choice for you; maybe me
a road untraveled as a song unsung
is a missed opportunity
a life undone
step outside the wheel of monotony
 come explore with me
feel the earth move beneath your feet
dance among the leaves
see as the bird sees ~R.M.2011

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Unplug for awhile

Listen to the leaves
life outside is calling
come dance in the wind 
play in the sand
live amongst the trees
experience the summer breeze~R.M.~

Saturday, April 30, 2011

There was a raven standing outside my bedroom door it was not the famous raven whom quoted nevermore

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

He started to build her a castle but the wench became such a hassle he sold the home and left his feet roam without worry or care thereafter~

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lost in the light of eternal eyes fighting inside the demons of lies out of the darkness the unborn cries pleading for life on the outside

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Best Movie Soundtracks

The other day I was casually surfing my twitter screen when a trending topic caught my eye: 5 best soundtracks. Movie titles, Broadway plays, and operas immediately began streaming through my mind. Of course with such juicy bait I had to tweet. To my pleasure the response was overwhelming as people responded with their favorite tracks. So Ladies and Gentlemen I am proud to present the TOP TEN BEST SOUNDTRACKS (drum roll please Maestro....pbbbbrrrrrttttt....)

1.) Last of the Mohicans

2.) Gone in 60 seconds

3.) Armageddon

4.) Phantom of the Opera

5.) Walk the Line

6.) Lost Boys

7.) Pirates of the Caribbean

8.) Ink heart

9.) O Brother where art though

10.) Beauty and the Beast

Keep it going, add your favorites!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


When darkness falls
The stars do call
From high up in the midnight sky
Through the thickness of window panes
They beg please let us in

Out between the curtains does slide
The slightest of figures upon the sky

Faint black wings
breathe upon the air again
as the wind does give it flight

Beyond the moon to start anew
Against the back of time

For when the sun rises
It is flesh again
Until the stars call nigh

~R.M.Brandon 2011~

Friday, April 1, 2011


A raven danced upon my window sill last night
laughing quietly
feathers shimmered against the halo of moonlight
as his eyes stole mine
a great shift occurred in the ripple of time

A great white wolf smiled beneath its hazel eyes
bared teeth luminescent in the night
above the raven took to flight

The tattered soul soared
as the mighty paws fell
A story it was they had to tell
Frantic honey colored doe sprung from sleep
heart pumping copper
the smell so sweet

A flicker of movement brought the great wolf to halt
Eyes sprung wide as its prey was caught
the lioness sprung 
 the great doe fell
teeth gnashing with force
as it ripped free her entrails

Above in the sky the raven wept
as the wolf quietly waited
for what meat would be left

The circle above danced with the circle below
life in its constant ebb and flow
through my eyes the great bird sang

In the light sing this song
as the grass quietly grows
from deep within the earth
life’s blood flows

the power to be
is the power to see
time is a but a fleeting wisp of a thing

in majesty of grace and swiftness of thought
even the mighty will eventually be caught

~R.M.Brandon 2011~

Thursday, March 31, 2011


By Charlotte Holley

The first book in the Actors Guild paranormal series stands well on its own.When two psychic friends are forced to move from their exapansive lake home they are open to the opportunity of a lifetime. A handsome movie star presents them with a challenge. If they can rid a beautiful mansion of its two hundred year old curse they will become the rightful owners. For two as gifted as Elizabeth and Kimberly at helping lost souls venture into the light the task transformed from a challenge to a need upon entry to the exquisite estate. This beautifuly writen mystery wraps the reader in suspense as hearts and lives become intertwined through the manor's portal through time. Not your average paranormal mystery, this book twists and turns through time leaving the reader drooling for more until the last page. While it is the first of a series, it tells the full story, leaving only a vague glimpse as to the path of the next book. The characters are strong, the plot is full of unexpected turns, and the story is lined with real life emotion. I honestly enjoyed this book and plan to read the next in the series The Bakery Murders. Get your copy at and be sure to share your thoughts with me.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I'll meet you beneath the evergreen tree
Where so many memories we shared

The first time I saw you
Wind rustling your long auburn hair

The aroma of pine
Lingered in the air when your eyes met mine
The first smile we shared

Don't worry my sweet
The memories remain
I'll be waiting patiently until they call your name

My head rests quietly
Beneath our forever evergreen tree
Take your time, dance every dance

I'll be here smiling beneath the old tree
Constant beauty paled only by the love you have given me

   ~R.M.Brandon 2011~

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Liquid reality
Floating upon the back of time
Life is the process of dying divine

Yet questions linger beneath the opaque
What if by thought
Reality we create

Ripple the surface
Perspective changes
Release the demons within

Harness dreams
Held at arm’s length
Achieve the impossible by what you think

Liquid is thought
That flows through time
Change the thought create a new reality

To believe is to be
To dream is to achieve
Life is but a blink when solid reality is all we think
  ~R.M.Brandon 2011~

Sunday, March 13, 2011


a heart is given a spark to shine
a reflection appears from the other side
the other wave on the what if of life
perfect soul lost forever more
into the oblivion we fall
with the great cultivator watching it all


a taterred hand reaches throught he ripple of time
is it yours or is it mine
to give is unforgivable
so goes the life of the miserable

through the dark chasm a line
familiar faces cut from the sands of time
an illisuion
built souly for the blind

does the ant know he is living in a farm
the product of scientific ingenuity
a ripple in the wave of time
life a mere fluttering of an eye
whos is fluttering as ours passes bye
to live is to love to love is to hurt to hurt is to die inside

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Book Review Lady of the Veils By M L John

Lady of the Veils by M. L. John is a captivating novel that grabs the imagination from the first page. Woven fluidly between modern day and fantasy the line between reality and imagination readily slips away leaving the reader wrapped inside a world that could easily exist. The daughter of a Princess Dragonslayer turned corporate wife and mother takes upon herself the task of ensuring her true loves safety in a world where nothing is safe and little is as it originally appears. Fierce sword play, steamy love scenes oozing with the passion of love that consumes the very soul, enchanted forests, and modern day humor make this novel by far not only a must read, but a story that will stand the test of literary time. In this humble readers opinion it is easily a five star read and I highly recommend it. Pick up a copy at Gypsy Shadow Publishing, and be sure to clear some time. Once you turn the first page you will be remiss to place it back down until the last page has been turned. Follow the link below and grab a copy,Happy reading!