Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Best Movie Soundtracks

The other day I was casually surfing my twitter screen when a trending topic caught my eye: 5 best soundtracks. Movie titles, Broadway plays, and operas immediately began streaming through my mind. Of course with such juicy bait I had to tweet. To my pleasure the response was overwhelming as people responded with their favorite tracks. So Ladies and Gentlemen I am proud to present the TOP TEN BEST SOUNDTRACKS (drum roll please Maestro....pbbbbrrrrrttttt....)

1.) Last of the Mohicans

2.) Gone in 60 seconds

3.) Armageddon

4.) Phantom of the Opera

5.) Walk the Line

6.) Lost Boys

7.) Pirates of the Caribbean

8.) Ink heart

9.) O Brother where art though

10.) Beauty and the Beast

Keep it going, add your favorites!

1 comment:

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