Friday, April 1, 2011


A raven danced upon my window sill last night
laughing quietly
feathers shimmered against the halo of moonlight
as his eyes stole mine
a great shift occurred in the ripple of time

A great white wolf smiled beneath its hazel eyes
bared teeth luminescent in the night
above the raven took to flight

The tattered soul soared
as the mighty paws fell
A story it was they had to tell
Frantic honey colored doe sprung from sleep
heart pumping copper
the smell so sweet

A flicker of movement brought the great wolf to halt
Eyes sprung wide as its prey was caught
the lioness sprung 
 the great doe fell
teeth gnashing with force
as it ripped free her entrails

Above in the sky the raven wept
as the wolf quietly waited
for what meat would be left

The circle above danced with the circle below
life in its constant ebb and flow
through my eyes the great bird sang

In the light sing this song
as the grass quietly grows
from deep within the earth
life’s blood flows

the power to be
is the power to see
time is a but a fleeting wisp of a thing

in majesty of grace and swiftness of thought
even the mighty will eventually be caught

~R.M.Brandon 2011~

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