Thursday, March 31, 2011


By Charlotte Holley

The first book in the Actors Guild paranormal series stands well on its own.When two psychic friends are forced to move from their exapansive lake home they are open to the opportunity of a lifetime. A handsome movie star presents them with a challenge. If they can rid a beautiful mansion of its two hundred year old curse they will become the rightful owners. For two as gifted as Elizabeth and Kimberly at helping lost souls venture into the light the task transformed from a challenge to a need upon entry to the exquisite estate. This beautifuly writen mystery wraps the reader in suspense as hearts and lives become intertwined through the manor's portal through time. Not your average paranormal mystery, this book twists and turns through time leaving the reader drooling for more until the last page. While it is the first of a series, it tells the full story, leaving only a vague glimpse as to the path of the next book. The characters are strong, the plot is full of unexpected turns, and the story is lined with real life emotion. I honestly enjoyed this book and plan to read the next in the series The Bakery Murders. Get your copy at and be sure to share your thoughts with me.

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