Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Who is writing your story?

Inside each of us there is a child fighting to be remembered, a lover yearning to be unleashed, a dreamer longing to escape the bonds of flesh and fly. So few ever allow what is inside to surface. Why? Why do we falter to fear? Why do we allow someone else to dictate the story of our life?
Can you stand in a room full of black ties wearing polka dots? Can you be confident enough in your own skin to not only accept your differences, but embrace them?
Anarcy I mean not. Respect,compassion, empathy, should be common place. When was the last time you shrugged off a judging look? Criticize yourself less. Smile more. Let your inner dreamer fly.
Life is a short dance don't let the music stop before you have even stepped onto the floor.
Age is no constraint. Challenges are simply that, challenges. It is only what you allow to stop you in life that will.
Be Shakespear. Be Dr.Seuss. Be smart, be silly. Just be. Try not to let a single sun set without looking at the clouds, even if it's only through glass.
My point: live in your dreams, live in your flesh. Make each moment count before there are no moments left.
~2/19/13 R.M.Brandon