Thursday, January 30, 2014


The end draws nearer
A jagged knife of emotion
Letting go of the past
More like having it carved
From thr depths of my soul
Everything I dreamt
Everything planned
No choice but to move on
No more black and white
Trying to find Technicolor life
Praying the twinges of pain
Life on the single side

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Her fire is addicitive
She burns like a pheonix
Consuming everything with her touch
For so long she hid
Afraid the world would mock her
In the aftermath of wreckage
She found that spark
The light that makes life
The world go around
So she shines
Brighter than the noon day sun
Never again will her heart be dependant
On just one

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


The choice was given
The answer for you
Wasn't me.
There is nothing I can do
But let you be free
The winds carry you away
Hopefully soon
They will take your memory
Learning to live
Without you and me.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sail Away

A love that is true
Can not be seperated
By time nor distance nor strife.

It cleaves to the other
Like a life boat
As the waters of life churn around it.

It is the light house
Guiding the passengers
Safely away from imminent peril
Upon the jagged rocks of life.

Your love was a floaty
A false promise of safety
Leaving me drowning in the end.

You were the sweetest illusion
Yet your song never rang true
Bless the day she sailed away with you.

In the end
Rowing alone
Is far better
Than drowing in two.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Ink dries

Reality crashes around me
Thunder of the ending
Hypontized for so long
Misery tainted hope
Hope falls
Crashing glass at my feey
Crimson with failing of my heart
My worst nightmares true
You never loved me at all
I will not fall
Crawl away now
A further shattered soul
Cold alone
Walk again I will
Smile again I must
But I will never feel again

Thursday, January 23, 2014


To stand truely bare
Soul exposed
Infront of another
Opening yourself up so completly
The very beat of your heart
Escapes into their chest.

To the impossible
Complete acceptance
Blissful return of unyielding love

Soul bear
He turned instead to another

Never again
Will this soul be bare.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Searching for that lost voice
Buried beneath years of accumulation
Consumed by pain
Lost in the distance
She's here somewhere
I hear her
Small,lost like a child in the rain
I remember her roar
When she was strong,fearless
God she was beautiful
She glowed with love
Radiating it like sunbeams
Through the world
To know her
Hold her
Was to hold the sun,moon,stars
Wrapped in one imperfect shell
Of laughter
Someone stole the sky
From her universe
With it the sun moon and stars lost their shine
How do i find her in all this darkness
How can i be the sky for my own sun
You can't change anothers heart
I take solace in the knowledge
The fire is burning again his eyes
Far brighter than the noon sun
But he took my light
When she lit his.
I need to hear that old roar
Feel the power of my own light once again
So i pray
Every minute
Every day
Speed time
Drown away the pain
Let me hear her sing once again.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Wisdom from the woodstove

Love is a lot like a woodstove. If you fan the flame, constantly giving it fuel but also air , it will keep you warmer than any other heat. But if you close it up, forget to nurture it, it will leave you cold to the core.
Men if you want to know the secret to a woman's heart it's simple, nurture her. Everyday (try) show her she is the most beautiful part of your world. Don't let the flame die down. Don't put your wood in a different stove. At the same time give her room to breathe. Let her be uniquely her and make sure she knows how beautiful that is. Not the outside beauty that time and life steals, the inside beauty, where the fire starts deep in the heart.
Treat her like the main source of warmth in your life and it will never grow cold.