Friday, January 10, 2014

Wisdom from the woodstove

Love is a lot like a woodstove. If you fan the flame, constantly giving it fuel but also air , it will keep you warmer than any other heat. But if you close it up, forget to nurture it, it will leave you cold to the core.
Men if you want to know the secret to a woman's heart it's simple, nurture her. Everyday (try) show her she is the most beautiful part of your world. Don't let the flame die down. Don't put your wood in a different stove. At the same time give her room to breathe. Let her be uniquely her and make sure she knows how beautiful that is. Not the outside beauty that time and life steals, the inside beauty, where the fire starts deep in the heart.
Treat her like the main source of warmth in your life and it will never grow cold.

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