Sunday, January 19, 2014


Searching for that lost voice
Buried beneath years of accumulation
Consumed by pain
Lost in the distance
She's here somewhere
I hear her
Small,lost like a child in the rain
I remember her roar
When she was strong,fearless
God she was beautiful
She glowed with love
Radiating it like sunbeams
Through the world
To know her
Hold her
Was to hold the sun,moon,stars
Wrapped in one imperfect shell
Of laughter
Someone stole the sky
From her universe
With it the sun moon and stars lost their shine
How do i find her in all this darkness
How can i be the sky for my own sun
You can't change anothers heart
I take solace in the knowledge
The fire is burning again his eyes
Far brighter than the noon sun
But he took my light
When she lit his.
I need to hear that old roar
Feel the power of my own light once again
So i pray
Every minute
Every day
Speed time
Drown away the pain
Let me hear her sing once again.

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