Saturday, November 30, 2013

Loves wild ride

It starts slowly
A trickle
Soft, sweet, gentle
The promise
Like a flood it consumes

Swift as the tide
It pulls you under
Head below water
Softly it whispers

Violently it spits you on shore
No explanation
Just gone
Spent, forever more

Love promises all
Consumes everything
A meek skeleton

Rider beware
Hold onto your heart
It's gambling with your soul.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


There must be something in the air
Maybe in the water
That causes the heartbreak
I hear and see everywhere.

Is it this place
The economy
Or simply the time of year?

Happy families gather for their feasts
While other surrender
Solitude and tears.

In a world with such abundance
Why must pain be so plenty?
Can not even the least of us
Have just one somebody?

As you look across the table
Surrounded by family and friend
Remember at that moment
Somewhere a life alone ends.

In your revelry, gluttony, and cheer
Think of those with none to hold dear.

Think of the soldiers far away
The sick, the poor
The unwanted and lame.

Think just for a moment
Of true wealth
Not with distaste,
Those who would give everything
For a warm safe place.

Count your riches
Not in paper and coin
But in smiles, love, and home
For there will be many
All alone.
Nov 25 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013


There is a void felt heart to soul
The place made for you.
Like a fool
I built my life around us
For you to walk
So easily out the door.

It fills slowly
Like a sand castle
The water ebbs away at its sides
Tears begin to fade
Like your memory
In a shallow grave.

Yet for everything taken
So much more was gained.
The pain fades
Strength grows.
Slowly awakening
A long dead hunger for life.

The hinges on our past close slowly.
But close at last they will.
Thank you for showing me
There is life after you .