Tuesday, November 26, 2013


There must be something in the air
Maybe in the water
That causes the heartbreak
I hear and see everywhere.

Is it this place
The economy
Or simply the time of year?

Happy families gather for their feasts
While other surrender
Solitude and tears.

In a world with such abundance
Why must pain be so plenty?
Can not even the least of us
Have just one somebody?

As you look across the table
Surrounded by family and friend
Remember at that moment
Somewhere a life alone ends.

In your revelry, gluttony, and cheer
Think of those with none to hold dear.

Think of the soldiers far away
The sick, the poor
The unwanted and lame.

Think just for a moment
Of true wealth
Not with distaste,
Those who would give everything
For a warm safe place.

Count your riches
Not in paper and coin
But in smiles, love, and home
For there will be many
All alone.
Nov 25 2013


  1. This is nice - a great reminder on perspective and a glimpse into where you find yourself drifting.

    I've felt loneliness in isolation and in a crowd - I think it is worse to feel lonely when with people.

    I don't believe that we are ever truly alone - we must have the capacity to feel separate in order to sense our togetherness.

    We are far apart and more strangers than friends, yet I feel a connection with you.

    I am thankful for what we share as in its way it is meaningful and special.

    Thank you!


  2. As do I. Thank you for not only reading my words but understanding them. Hope life brings you all the joy you deserve. Your friend, Rita