Sunday, April 24, 2016

Be the one

You can not see them
 Lingering far beneath the surface 
But their presence in known
 Raging quietly in the depths
Scars never formed
The deepest cuts bleed on

Ruptured aneurisms of the soul
 Ble├Ęding into infinity 
Silent, deadly.

Look up as you walk through that crowd
 Who is bleeding next you?
In the stillness of night
 When they lay in darkness alone
Is their soul bleeding out?

Predators smell them from miles away
 Flocking to the easy prey.
Piece by piece their will widdles away.
 Never knowing the beauty that lies deep within.
Pain becomes solace.

 Hiding behind smiling masks.
Everything is fine.
 Until the bleed becomes a river .
Drowning in the waste of a misfortunate life.

Some scough, all judge, a few cry.
It only takes one.
 One real love, one true heart, one real smile
It only takes one love to heal a soul.
Take off the mask.
 Be your own one.
~R.M Brandon 2016