Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Can't be Gone

The time is steadily sifting away. The time to run, the time to play. With the responsibility of adulthood looming around the corner a meek window of opportunity remains. So here I sit with the atlas once again in hand.So much land, so little time. Yet, I reflect upon the things already learned from this all too brief summer vacation. What could possibly change in one life over the course of mere months? EONS!!!Life in and of itself is not a difficult concept to master. You breath in air, you take in food, ect. you live. But the process of true living, when each breath counts, can be exhausting and highly educational. The lessons from this brief reprieve follow. They leave the question have I truly learned the meaning of life? I think not...well at least not yet:)

Summer of 11
 Only by getting rid of the excess can we see what is really valuable.
There are far more people in the world willing to pretend to care then those who truly do.
A real friend doesn't just help you up when you've fallen, they are willing to sit next to you until you are able to stand on your own.
It doesn't matter what anyone else sees when they look at me. What is important is if I can look at myself.
 The edge of the world is everywhere, from the tip of the ocean, to the first row of corn, the creator's beauty reflects in everything.
If you ever wonder was the world is thinking look at the sky. The clouds are the windows to the world's soul.
When  I get lost in what I don't have it's time to take off my shoes and walk barefoot in the grass.
When all else fails and the world once again feels cold, stop, breath, and remember I've only been given a blink to live a thousand lives, why waste precious time with pity parties.

                                 And now the world through my lens (well parts of it:)~

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