Sunday, August 21, 2011

Natures Lullaby

Listen with your soul
can you hear her sweet song
dance upon her back
as the waves carry it along
The beauty of its melody
in each birds feather shines
as the clouds above change
Fair to stormy weather
She is the maiden
hair of golden hue
the silk of each corn stalk
farmers tend loving for you
she is the mother
the bearer of all life
through her seasons gives
darkness and light
she is the crone
wisdom true
as knowingly she watches
she sees the real you
Soft is the tune
as summer she sings
life anew she hastens
joyously through spring
Autumn in its wonder
slow blues do play
As winter hastens
a lullaby to stay
sleep now sound
in natures tender arms
listen as she sings
         the soul of all she brings  ~R.M~2011

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