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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Candy Man

Candy Man

She left a quarter
each time you gave her something sweet
walking through the door
it shined beneath my feet

two under each couch cushion
the living room rug
The bedroom
floor to bed
a trail that should have brought pain

a smile sparked from lips to eyes
you gave her candy
she gave you a quarter
childish games

Candy man
Do it again
your lover
lit the flame
deep within my soul

It is so much easier
 to walk back out that door
A quarter at a time
wisdom was earned
a fighter grew
strength of a warrior who knew

Candy man
and the quarter queen
you may live happily ever after
My regrets none
Candy man
turn your princess child
into your working queen
I am gone

(c)~Rm Brandon 2011~

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