Friday, November 11, 2011

"The night was hot. The night was humid. The night was.....Sultry. That's it kill her." Yep, one of my favorite movie lines. From Throw Momma Off the Train, it definitely describes my mind set right now. Why? Because I am searching for better. The final push of edits before I turn my manuscript back over to my publisher and say this is my best. Writing The Green Man's Curse in and of itself wasn't that hard. There was the challenge of sleepless nights pounding my thoughts into the keyboard. Groggy, long shifts of work running off caffeine and nicotine. Juggling life while trying to ebb the pictures out of my mind. So, almost a year after my novel found a home, I am finally learning why writers say the art of writing. It's not about saying it, it is saying it so well the words live inside the reader. That is what makes the art of writing challenging. Yeah I am stalling. The thesaurus has become my best friend, followed closely by google, and trailed by the minds of anyone within ear shot of my pleadings for another word for... The problem is, there is this amazing movie playing in my mind when I peck away at the manuscript, but finding that "perfect" word so what I feel is what the reader will feel, is just not that easy. If you have any amazing word suggestions out there, throw them my way! Heh I wonder if there is a writer somewhere holding up a sign that says "Will work for words". Yep I have an odd mind. Well, I guess I have to stop stalling and dive back in. Here are some new words I have stumbled across in my googling enjoy and share back.

bĂȘte noire : That particular dreaded or detested or feared person (literally, "black beast") to be at all costs avoided, to whom one is perversely averse. An old rival? An aggravating pest? An ex-husband? Whichever, your bugbear and pet hate as a human or subhuman being.

 philargyist : One who loves money, or who is nummamorous or lucrepitous. Estimates vary, but there is general agreement that the portion of our planet not covered by water or ice is covered largely by philargyists. Philargyists are otherwise known as mammonists, chrematists, philoplutaries, aphnologists and plutolators. The money lover who is driven by a fear of poverty is a peniaphobe.

  • scobberlotch: to loaf around, doing nothing in particular
  • dudder: to deafen with noise
  •  bosky adj. having an abundance of trees or shrubs / relating to woods

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