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Monday, November 14, 2011

Last Night

Thunder shook torrential rain from the charcoal sky.
Entwining his thick fingers in her auburn curls he devoured her ruby lips. "I've missed you so much. Your lips are like heaven on my tongue. We don't have much time."
The flames of lust flickered briefly in her aqua eyes. "When will I get you to myself? Just one night to wake up in your arms. Is that so much to ask?"
Her dove white cheek folded in his masculine hand. Pressing his lips gently to the nape of her neck he whispered, " You have my heart. My thoughts are always with you. My dreams are filled with the gentle curve of your back, the sweet smell right here."
Leaving a glistening trail that seared through her flesh , his tongue wandered down the curve of her slender neck. The buttons of her satin blouse surrender at his touch. Gently he licked the lines of her bodice. Lace brazier vanished exposing the flush of her longing. Teasing her breast with the heat oh his breath his hands slid into her jeans. Fingers caressed the wet between her legs. With a moan her head fell back. A smile spread from his lips to his teal eyes. "That's my baby right there."  Moans of ecstasy filled the room. Outside the second story office sirens blared. Red and blue lights split through the window casting an eerie hue on their glistening bared flesh. His body shivered. His face buried in her thick curls, "If only we had met each other first." Wrapping her arms tightly around his waist, her fingers trailed down his spine, "We will always have these stolen moments. I would give anything to trade her lives. She doesn't appreciate what she has."
Lifting himself off of her with a long passionate kiss he whispered, "You have far more than she ever will. You have my heart. She has only a ring and a memory." Gathering her clothes from the floor she smiled lovingly, "For now that is enough. But one of these days I want a night too."Slipping his shoes casually on, he replied, " I would much rather have a night of you. But not tonight I have to get going the kid has some kind of thing I have to smile and pretend to listen to. I'll call you when they've gone to sleep." She looked to the door as he slipped casually through. Guilt, dread and loneliness crept into her chest. The in dash clock flashed 6:45 pm. "Oh man I'm so late." Through the windshield emergency lights flashed next to rolled vehicle. The shiny underside of a flattened car and blown tires left no indication of the vehicles make. "Fucking idiots, every time it's rains." He jerked the wheel down a side road to avoid the growing line of traffic.Pulling into the driveway his mind replayed their tryst. Hand on the door handle he uttered, "I'll see you in my dreams." With a sly smile across his lips he clutched a bouquet of flowers from the truck seat  and dashed through the front door of their two story home. Expecting to hear his wife berate him for making them late, he readied an excuse. Silence. Flicking on the foyer lights he called out. Silence. Turning he scanned the drive. Her car was gone. "Oh shit." he mumbled. His cell phone. The thin black device flipped open revealing 2 missed call, 2 voice mails.His wife's number. "Dumb-ass, the volume is still down." Dialing send he listened with a growing lump in his throat to the voice mails. "Hey I completely forgot to pick up the father, daughter corsages for tonight's banquet.Running up to the florist real quick, I'll be right back. Haven't had a chance to talk to you yet and this isn't really how I wanted to tell you but I have some huge news. Can't wait to see you. I love you more every day." Rolling his eyes he turned back into the house. " Scatter brain. Well at least I have time for a shower now. Being late is now her fault."Glancing at the clock again his voice mail rolled to the next message. "I don't think I'm going to make it. There has been an accident. I'm sorry I wanted to be there. Please remember I will always love you." Ragged breathing replaced the words she tried to say. After a long pause of silence the voice of a man filled the line, "I have a DOA in this car, but it's going to take the jaws to extricate. " The call ended. He crested the top of a long flight of stairs that turned into their bedroom. "What the ....." Flipping on the light switch, tears welled in his. She had covered the bed with rose petals. In the center of the petals stood a candle, a blue envelope proped against its base with his name carefully written on the outside. Hands shaking he opened it and read, "To the love of my life, 12 years ago today we made a promise to eachother to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health til the good lord calls us away. It hasn't always been easy, but I have learned from watching you. I have nursed you when you were sick, explored with you in health. We have weathered debt and excelled in wealth. Every night when I close my eyes you are the last person I see. Each morning when I wake it is your smile that greets me. The smile that lights your face in the morning light reminds makes me love you more everyday. Even though it's hard to imagine loving you more than I do today, I remember how much I loved you when we said I do. I never would've believed how much that love would grow. Thank you for every night, every morning and the endless mornings to come
All my heart
Your wife

Ps we are going to have another baby! Notice the color of the envelope, we finally get our little boy."

Sobbing deeply he startled at the ring of the doorbell. The card still clutched tightly in his hand, he slowly crept to the door. A somber faced man stood on the side. The officers eyes spoke volumes, "Sir, there has been an accident."
Memories flooded his mind. Charcoal clouds filled his eyes, the color drained from his face. The sky unleashed the tears of angels. His words drifted into the wind,
"It was our anniversary....."

(c) R.M. Brandon 11/14/2011

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