Sunday, December 11, 2011

Flip The Scene

Flip the Scene

Severed heads stare blankly on the floor
Blood splattered ceiling to door
What was the cause
The beginning of this carnage
The greatest killer of all
For love of money
Love of land
Love of what is in another's hand
Every day it runs rampant a curse upon the land
As by and by
Everyone falls to loves hand

Will it be bloody
Or peacefully brought
That is the challenge when love has you caught
Run from the word
The lies
Severed heads roll across the floor
Flip the world
Take a look once more

Lovers smile
Across the room
A mistress
The stunning bridegroom
Tender embraces
Stolen kisses
A story of passion behind closed doors
Friends no more

Severed heads roll across the floor
Flip the scene look once more

Broken hearts
Promises torn
Into the fire
Cast loves first born
When friends became lovers
Never seeing what it was doing to another
Selfish is the love
Love upon this land
consuming burning
When the flames
Upon the floor
The severed heads
Stare at the opened door
Love moves on 
(c) 2011 R.M. Brandon

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