Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Guide

                                Burnt sienna wings  
                        flash across the auburn sky
                  with the dawn she takes to flight
                  Through keen eyes she watches
                                as footsteps fall
                               guiding with her
                                high shrill call

Comfort to the ears
her sweet song sings
promises of a better land
the pursuit of dreams

                           Oh to ride upon
                          her sienna wings
                        the morning sun
                         her glory brings 
             as fire from her wings does shine

To see through her eyes
as lands fall and rise
to taste the call from her golden lips
as the winds caress its razor tip

                The heart must head her call
                    feet move swiftly
                  obey with each foot fall

The sun is her glory
the hawk
my eyes
ever upward
into the sunrise
where upon her wings
dreams have life

                           away from the darkness
                               of loves
~R.M. 2011~

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