Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mother's Song

hung in the sky as clouds awaiting
 the birds of flight
sparkling below
amongst the blue waves
softly caressing her shore

of her song
with each sun beam
dancing upon the velvet
dew kissed grass

her lullaby softly
sweetly just below the ears
where only the quiet soul may hear

to the all seeing eye
the heart of the soul
that speaks to those who have come long before

In dreams shes whispers, eyes heavy with sleep , ears stilled to the rumbling of the mind. Mother of all, the beauty of her presence encases the blind. Her song is mesmerizing , yet unheard. She is life, above all she is love. Dance to the whispers of the mother's soul, sing as her melody lights the sun.~R.M. 10/2011

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