Sunday, October 16, 2011

Baby of Mine

Baby of mine look at the time. How quickly it has passed. Not a baby anymore you're feet thunder across the floor. The time for cradling slipped away now I watch your imagination at play. Such beautiful eyes the innocence of each sunrise as you strap a pack upon your back.
So much more I wish I could give then this hurried half a life we live. The stars dance when I tuck you to bed still I pause counting each hair upon your resting head. The future is yours. The world your playground, I thank the masters for letting me have you around. Even as the time sifts swiftly past, I pause to reflect. Are you really the last? Just a minute ago I brought you home tiny, your brother was your size.

 Oh my heart aches at how time flies. Yet still I smile because the master let me hold you awhile. So watch you grow I will.
  Hoping you will always remember kindness of heart. This world can get cold as you grow old. Hold tight to the light in your young heart. Guard it or the world will tear it apart.
 Embrace that light and let it shine knowing that your heart beat was sparked by mine.

 Thank you sweet son for choosing me to be your Mommy. Forever and always you are my pride. My sweet little baby the last of my tribe.~(c) R.M. 2011~

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