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Monday, February 10, 2014

A thousand deaths

Would you envoke the anger of angel and expect mercy?
Would you give hate and expect love?
Have you no concept of wrath?
As it harms none do as you wish.
Meddle in the affairs of greatness, covet that which you do not have, betray that which you do not understand, you open pandoras box.
A thousand years, ten thousand angers fall upon your head
For pain which you cause you will never shed.
She will haunt your dreams
Steal your hopes
Offer one small kindness only to see you fall.
Harm none is a lesson you will never forget.
You will bleed it from your very soul until only death will show mercy upon your blackened being.
Enter now the labrynth of eternity for which you have claimed.
A home and child you wished.
You shall have it, have it all and more and it will be the thorn in your side.
Scorned by society as if the A was enblazened upon your flesh.
Wrot in the skin with which you harm.
Burn in a  thousand fires , let the light if your soul dwindle for your fire is now mine.
Claimed, consumed, flesh for flesh, lie for lie, you tried to harm that which you didn't know now you feel the death of your soul.

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