Monday, December 8, 2014

Rainy days

Rage, hate,adrenaline
Keep the monster at bay
Keep the pain away
Yet it slips slowly through the cracks of smiles
Demanding to be out ,free into the world

Kill it with kindness they say
But no matter what you do it doesn't go away

Time after time it's thrown at n your face
Remember the time
Visit the place

Eat the rich and kill the poor
No more big bad wolf to knock down your door
But wait what is that
Standing quietly in the back
The wolf smiles again

Did you forget for a moment
Did the pain go away
Oh there it is waiting 
Begging you to stay

Go outside and shut the world away
Run, run the great distance
You must find escape

But there at the end
Of the long black road
The wolf is waiting
Notice it's grin in sheeps clothes

Believe it if you want
Don't either way 
The wolf is the hate that will never be kept at bay
Starve it an you'll see

Just when you think your happy
It's just another rainy day
The big bad wolf will never go away

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