Sunday, July 21, 2013

Questions and Roles

How easily we become accustomed to our roles, routines. We wear them like shiny coats of armor protecting us from anything that might challenge our comfort. When new thoughts or idealizations meander through we quickly reject them as impossible. We build for ourselves a cage of comfort. It is only when we are at our lowest, our weakest that we must choose between holding tightly the armor or casting it off to the wind.
What dreams may come if we go naked into the world? If we let go of the safety rope and put everything we have out there bared. Few ever attempt such a feat. Fewer still dare to live their entirety as such. Why? Because society must have its order. We must label and categorize everything into a neat little rolodex quickly discarding anything that does not fit as insane.
Cookie cutters.
Even the most extreme of us cling to this at some level. Would existing any other way open Pandora's Box? Would stepping into the world bare, no plan, no safety net unravel a human being? How long would it take?
I offer no solutions this time, only questions. Where is the beginning of a dream if we are no more than our own reality?

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