Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Boy and his Turtle

Remarkable is the devotion between a boy and his pet. This little turtle follows this child like a puppy. They sleep together (until a concerned parent gently removes the turtle to the safety of its tank once the child is asleep). They play together, eat  together,explore together, and honestly love each other.

As an individual that feels strongly against animals being kept in cages I had originaly tried to "free" the turtle to wild. Tater was allowed to mark the turtle's shell so he could easily spot him in the yard and the turtle was set free in a safe area not far from the house.The crazy little thing came back and stood at the door waiting for his kid to come out.

He is now part of the family. Definetly not a captive, a guest. How long will he choose to stay with us? I honestly don't know. But for now, I sit in amazement at the daily turtle videos (at 7 Tater is a pretty good camera man), the daily adventures (not sure how they come up with the ideas but there are some doozies), and the nightly turtle relocation. But mostly I sit back and marvel over the devotion between a boy and his turtle.

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