Thursday, March 31, 2011


By Charlotte Holley

The first book in the Actors Guild paranormal series stands well on its own.When two psychic friends are forced to move from their exapansive lake home they are open to the opportunity of a lifetime. A handsome movie star presents them with a challenge. If they can rid a beautiful mansion of its two hundred year old curse they will become the rightful owners. For two as gifted as Elizabeth and Kimberly at helping lost souls venture into the light the task transformed from a challenge to a need upon entry to the exquisite estate. This beautifuly writen mystery wraps the reader in suspense as hearts and lives become intertwined through the manor's portal through time. Not your average paranormal mystery, this book twists and turns through time leaving the reader drooling for more until the last page. While it is the first of a series, it tells the full story, leaving only a vague glimpse as to the path of the next book. The characters are strong, the plot is full of unexpected turns, and the story is lined with real life emotion. I honestly enjoyed this book and plan to read the next in the series The Bakery Murders. Get your copy at and be sure to share your thoughts with me.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I'll meet you beneath the evergreen tree
Where so many memories we shared

The first time I saw you
Wind rustling your long auburn hair

The aroma of pine
Lingered in the air when your eyes met mine
The first smile we shared

Don't worry my sweet
The memories remain
I'll be waiting patiently until they call your name

My head rests quietly
Beneath our forever evergreen tree
Take your time, dance every dance

I'll be here smiling beneath the old tree
Constant beauty paled only by the love you have given me

   ~R.M.Brandon 2011~

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Liquid reality
Floating upon the back of time
Life is the process of dying divine

Yet questions linger beneath the opaque
What if by thought
Reality we create

Ripple the surface
Perspective changes
Release the demons within

Harness dreams
Held at arm’s length
Achieve the impossible by what you think

Liquid is thought
That flows through time
Change the thought create a new reality

To believe is to be
To dream is to achieve
Life is but a blink when solid reality is all we think
  ~R.M.Brandon 2011~

Sunday, March 13, 2011


a heart is given a spark to shine
a reflection appears from the other side
the other wave on the what if of life
perfect soul lost forever more
into the oblivion we fall
with the great cultivator watching it all


a taterred hand reaches throught he ripple of time
is it yours or is it mine
to give is unforgivable
so goes the life of the miserable

through the dark chasm a line
familiar faces cut from the sands of time
an illisuion
built souly for the blind

does the ant know he is living in a farm
the product of scientific ingenuity
a ripple in the wave of time
life a mere fluttering of an eye
whos is fluttering as ours passes bye
to live is to love to love is to hurt to hurt is to die inside

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Book Review Lady of the Veils By M L John

Lady of the Veils by M. L. John is a captivating novel that grabs the imagination from the first page. Woven fluidly between modern day and fantasy the line between reality and imagination readily slips away leaving the reader wrapped inside a world that could easily exist. The daughter of a Princess Dragonslayer turned corporate wife and mother takes upon herself the task of ensuring her true loves safety in a world where nothing is safe and little is as it originally appears. Fierce sword play, steamy love scenes oozing with the passion of love that consumes the very soul, enchanted forests, and modern day humor make this novel by far not only a must read, but a story that will stand the test of literary time. In this humble readers opinion it is easily a five star read and I highly recommend it. Pick up a copy at Gypsy Shadow Publishing, and be sure to clear some time. Once you turn the first page you will be remiss to place it back down until the last page has been turned. Follow the link below and grab a copy,Happy reading!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random Bout

Nothing can consume so completely a woman’s heart and soul
as to send the very spark of its beating to furry
save for love in all its arduous forms.
Yet with coal black ice seeping through the veins
 men blink not to the pain of their torture
only slice at the heart more.
So with fury in eyes woman gathers
beneath her docile exterior
to complete the transformation to that of which she loathes.
When men shudder beneath her tiny grasp
 then will they understand loves true wrath.
As well as the depth of a woman's soul.
~R.M. 2011~