Thursday, January 26, 2012

Inner Dreamer

Dreams. We all have one. Maybe you can’t think of it right away, but if you close your eyes and talk to your younger self  you’ll remember it.

It feels like yesterday. Eyes closed, laying on my back, a blanket of green fresh grass beneath me, tickling my summer skin. Above me, the clear blue sky was filled with puffy white clouds. I’d lay there for hours watching the myriad of shapes drift past. Dragons, bunnies, dolphins, turtles, genies, angels. Each shape unlocked a mysterious world in my young imagination. The depths of the ocean beckoned to be explored. A plan formulated in the blind innocence of youth. I would become an oceanographer, traveling the depths of world like Jacques Cousteau. In my extensive travels, I would write about everything I saw. Expanding into archeology, and of course dabbling in the fine arts along the way. 

Needless to say, that hasn’t happened yet. Yes I said yet. Watching my prodigies grow, I’ve discovered,  that dreamer is still very much alive and kicking in the back of my  feet planted firmly on the ground adult mind. Then I wander through my daily grind. Observing the generations now past in their “Golden” years. I still see their inner dreamers. That wild eyed child stuck in a withering body, begging for one last, grand adventure. So I seek the improbable. Not impossible. Improbable. 

Nothing in life is impossible, a lot is improbable. Luck, stubborn ignorance, and sheer will power can over come the odds. I happen to posses all of the above. (Yeah I was laughing when I wrote that) But it’s true. If a person is never told what they are supposed to be the only limits they posses are those they impose upon themselves. One of my favorite lines is “Can’t is an imaginary word”
It is simply a limitation imposed out of convenience or sometimes laziness.  Sure there are a lot of things a person will never be, but if you want it bad enough, you will find a way to make it work. And the point of this little rant? 

Tell me what you dream of. When you close your eyes and let that inner child out, what does it tell you to do? 

Follow your dreams

2012 is going to be the year my dreams started to come true. What about you? Have you thought about it? Tell you what, I’ll share a few of mine with you. My dreams have changed a little with age. I realized somewhere along the way I probably wouldn’t invent a dolphin suit so I could swim next to them but…you never know.  The list for 2012 ……

1.) The release of Witan Vid Book 1 The Green Man’s Curse.
          This one is actually closing in!!!! March 2012 and secretly I’m both excited and terrified.
2.) Fly to Mexico, buy a big floppy hat , and explore some ancient ruins
             Passport orderedJ
3.) Surrender to the irresponsible side and actually gamble for one weekend in Vegas, watch Cirque Du Soile live, and  hit every ride on the Stratosphere.
                 I will post pics when I get there.
4.) Publish one complete book of poetry, prose, and lyrics.
                     On my pile of in progress.
5.) Finish and submit two screen plays.
                        On the Pile.
6.) Enter my Photography in a contest.
                            Need to borrow a pair of Cahonas for this one. Anyone willing to help the cowardly?
7.) Eat pasta in Italy  of course followed by  a glass of wine, float on a Gondola, visit to the Gallerria degali Uffizi, The Accademia, pretty much just explore and absorb everything!
                    It will happen.
8.) Take my daughter to New York and watch a real Broadway Musical .
                 Sometimes filling someone else’s dream is worth giving up one of your own.

9.) Buy property close to the ocean. Still trying to pick a coast, but by the end of the year……

10.) Let go of the past. Completely. We all have baggage, my load is getting lighter My goal is to carry only the positive things I’ve learned and leave all rest behind.

Well that’s what is on my agenda for this year. Who knows, maybe I’ll swap one out for something else. Or maybe I’ll accomplish everything by July and be able to tack on another ten, or twenty, or……..My inner dreamer is a very busy critter. What about yours?
 R.M. Brandon 2012

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  1. Well, here it is April 2013. Still working on this list, but someday, someday, I will get it completed.