Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Goodbye BlackLung

Day one. For anyone who has never smoked quitting should be easy. Society tells us it is rude. The medical field points to nicotine use for cancer,heart disease,COPD, and many other conditions. Yet, their answer is ,"Just quite. It's bad for you."
Uhhmm okay. That doesn't really make the emotional or even physical withdrawl that you go throu "Just Quitting" any easier.

Today I bury my 17 year bad habit. Why? No peer pressure doesn't work on me. So Society's not the kicker. The medical field? Nope. By nature I'm self destructive. For some odd reason knowing it could kill me is not really a downside.

Because in less than two months I'm going to step on the flattrack with a team of women I respect. I am privliged enough to guard them, and assist my team to Kick Derby Ass. They give 120% every time they hit that track. From midair hits to cartwheeled trips,boob shots, to back blocks. Through bruises, breaks,and sprains they are there.

They deserve the BEST me I can put out there. Not the me that gets winded three laps in. Or the me that suffers charlie horses from muscular hypoxia.
So today is Day one. Bout day will be Day 59.
Today I let go of the memory that made me start. I let go of dying. I let go of regret. Today I embrace tomorrow, today, and Day 59.

No matter how hard this is physicaly or emotionaly I am strong enough to make it. 

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