Sunday, October 21, 2012


The fear of realization.
Realization of fear.
Everyone fails at something.
Some fail at everything.

If ever occasion arose.
To some is obsolete.
Some everyday complete.

Who is to judge?
What measure is used?
When calculating value of life
Who gets to choose?

Some say worthless
Others irreplaceable.
In the great big world
It is easy to feel small.

Explore beyond vision.
Trust beyond belief.
Travel through heart
Or simply follow your feet.

A journey destined to end.
Some experience years
Others, a few heart beats.
Some know only bitter
Yet embrace it as sweet.

The point from which one sees
The journey some rush to complete.
Others sit idly by
Awaiting patiently return
To the other side.

If there is no begining
Where did it begin?
If life is simply dying
Waiting for the end.
The ending does not exist
it simply begins again.
Continuous evolution
No begining, middle, end.

Eyes closed.
Take my hand.
Feel the wind softly blow.
Fall with me now.
For a moment we soar.

The ledge long gone.
Gravity pulls on.
Taste the freedom
Everything is alright.

Impact upon the ground
Has ended our flight.

Fear of failure has gone
Swiflty into the night.
Begining a new life.
The begining is the end
The end the begining.
Failure is success
when someonelse is winning.

R.M.Brandon 10/20/12

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