Thursday, March 16, 2017

Escape within Dream

Looking down on the mountain peaks
The vastness suddenly feels so small.
Valleys of emerald green
spread across foreign country sides
Peppered with flowers unencumbered by vases.
Skimming across the white peaks of the ocean ,
Silver scales flash beneath the cobalt glass.
But this is not a flight of food ,
It is a flight of freedom.
Exploring countries never before seen
Gliding upon the wind
Weightless, free.
The stars glisten around me
Winking  the shared silent nod
Of the chosen watchers
The few who can feel the stillness of air
High above the land .
As the sun rises wings grow tired.
Swaying in the tops of the tree
Her leaves a blanket of safety, her her age a silent protection from the dangers below.
Eyes open to the midmorning light.
The visions of flight still fresh in mind.
Bare feet touch the floor
Pain returns once more.
Oh but to live the dream, to skim across the ocean never touching the shore.
To climb the tops of mountains never lacking for air.
To feel the world beneath wings.
But it is morning and I am human once more.

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